Today karbytes updated its payment methods for its 24 Hour Fitness gym membership subscription and for its OpenAI ChatGPT API usage using exactly one debit card for most transactions. karbytes has yet to replace its missing key to the house where karbytes currently legally lives and is not likely going to ask the owner of that house for a replacement key because karbytes has no reason to go there other than to retrieve backup items in case current ones become unusable by karbytes (and karbytes prefers to have enough money saved up from working to replace lost, stolen, or damaged electronics and survival gear by ordering those items to be picked up by karbytes in local retail outlets such as Best Buy).

Note that karbytes also pays an annual fee to keep its WordPress websites advertisement free and an annual fee to keep its Twitter Blue status instated. Eventually karbytes expects to pay for an online learning service via monthly subscription such as Coursera.

Summary of karbytes’ expenses:

1. AT&T Monthly Phone and Mobile Data Bill ($30/month for basic phone usage (i.e. calling and texting) and $20/3 gigabytes of additional “high speed” mobile Internet usage).

2. 24 Hour Fitness Gym Membership and Showering ($50/month for local gym access).

3. Coin Laundry (approximately $5 using quarters per wash/dry cycle).

4. Food, Medicine, Transportation (e.g. BART train fare), Apparel (e.g. shoes), Survival Gear (e.g. camping backpack), Education (e.g. online classes, books, renting a movie, using ChatGPT), and Miscellaneous (e.g. green laser pointer with USB charger).

5. (To Be Instated As Soon As Feasible): Small Personal Mailbox for receiving small packages and envelopes at a commercial package delivery access point (instead of having karbytes’ packages sent to its legal address where those packages are more likely to be tampered with by other people).

6. (To Be Instated As Soon As Feasible): Small Personal Storage Unit for storing items which are either too cumbersome to carry without a bike trailer or else are spare backpacking/traveling office components.

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