I removed the social media posts I recently shared to my Twitter, Minds, Patreon, and Instagram pages which consists of a link to the journal entry before the previous journal entry because I thought that the past four journal entries in this chapter seem to be too “low brow” for the standards which the previous journal entries set in this chapter (according to karbytes).

Last night while riding the BART trains and waiting in the BART stations to go to work (after picnicking in Dublin), I got booted off the train at BayFair by police for failing to have a BART ticket with enough money on it. It was the last train headed in the San Jose direction (and my place of employment is a warehouse in Fremont where I do night shifts as a package handler). Hence, I was forced to miss last night’s shift. As soon as I walked out of the BART station and checked my pants pockets to see if I had my wallet, I felt that it was gone. I think it is very likely that a police officer took it from me in a stealthy manner (similar to what apparently happened to me in the year 2020 when I was on a very long walk along Mission Boulevard from Ohlone College campus in Fremont on my way back to Castro Valley and got tired and cold and it was apparently past midnight and a I decided to try camping in an unlocked bathroom on that campus and within a few minutes was found by a police officer who told me to leave the campus and shortly after I did I saw that debit cards and driver’s license were missing (which made me assume that the police have a special means for causing me to “black out” parts of my memory in which the police tell me to hand over objects and perhaps even force me to be a compliant and unthinking zombie with much less “free will” than what would be normal for me using some kind of brain-to-computer interfacing technology which is used to constantly surveil and control my brain activity (and I believe that such technology is “installed” in my body and possibly installed in other people’s bodies)).

Anyway, I am walking to my dad’s house to pick up what I expect to find there in the mail box: my driver’s license. I expect that I can use that driver’s license to get a new debit card at a local Patelco branch. (I am a bit disappointed that my “homeless streak” which spanned for approximately three months is coming to an end (because it has been that long since I was last at either one of my parents’ houses (and my legal residence is currently my dad’s house: 4757 Mira Vista Drive, Castro Valley, CA 94546))).

Later I will try to re-order all of my “stolen” cards from my wallet (and I also lost my only key (which is used to unlock and to lock the front door of my dad’s house)). Perhaps I will go ahead and, as soon as possible, use my new driver’s license and the print out of a bank statement I have to establish my residence when renting my own mailbox at a local UPS store (so that I can have all my new cards and other non-Amazon merchandise delivered there instead of to my dad’s house).

(I think it is useful to remind the audience that I still “hear voices” (since mid February of 2019 while I was working as a baker’s assistant in the kitchen of the Panera Bread restaurant in Fremont near where I currently work) which appear to often be responding “intelligently” (rather than “randomly”) to my “real time” thoughts and sensory perceptions (and this is the case even when I lose cellular phone reception in underground train tunnels)).

* * *

“Food is one hell of a drug.” – karbytes

The above quote is a reminder to karbytes that humans seem to be micromanaged by government and/or capitalism into being malnourished relative to what karbytes’ preferred standard of living would enable all human beings to experience. karbytes thinks that each human being should be entitled to at least $5,000 worth of unconditional basic income per month (in the form of fiat or crypto currencies; not vouchers for acquiring commodities within specialized categories) while robots do most of the essential labor of human civilization.

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