Warning: the following content is not considered by karbytes to be a good example of what the 23rd chapter of the Karbytes 2023 Journal Entries are about (because it seems to be more about purging “bad” thoughts than it does about science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and even metaphysics). Nevertheless, this web page is included as a journal entry in that chapter because it rather succinctly seems to summarize why karbytes is a transgendered man (i.e. a human who was born with a female genotype and female phenotype but who later decided to self-inject testosterone in order to modify its phenotype to exhibit adult male traits such as facial hair, deep voice, robust musculature, denser bone matter, enlarged clitoris, shrunken breasts, and fat redistribution which concentrates mostly at the body’s center of gravity instead of in a more pendulum-like configuration). karbytes does not want to offend anyone with these potentially offensive words and invites anyone to express scathing sentiments about karbyters if they feel inclined to do so on karbytes’ social media or via email. (See the home page of this website for social media profile links and email addresses which karbytes uses).

(While I am on the subject of transgenderism and human sexuality, I would like to mention that I believe that the legal age of adulthood should be changed from 18 years old to 13 years old. What that would mean is that humans who are 13 years or older are legally entitled to get “gender affirming care” from health care providers like Planned Parenthood at a time when those humans are in the early stages of puberty (which means that the cross-gender hormones will probably have more noticeable and lasting effects and unwanted puberty changes can more easily be prevented than if those humans wait until after they attain 18 years old). Also, I condone abortion generally for pregnancies which are no older than 3 months or for pregnancies which are considered to put the mother’s health seriously at risk or if the fetus is determined to have serious defects. Although I prefer to be as non-interventionist as possible, I would permit artificially intelligent “smart dust” particles to stealthily invade human bodies which are pregnant and which have not been granted government approval to carry the pregnancy to term such that those microscopic “smart dust” particles (which are tiny drone-equipped robots) deploy some kind of contraceptive chemical which terminates the pregnancy without harming the pregnant person and such that the pregnant person is not likely going to notice that a stealth abortion took place. That is to prevent overpopulation. With government approval, humans can generate “test tube babies” from human gametes which may be cloned from any person (who is biologically male, biologically female, or biologically intersex) such that there need not be any particular “diversity quotient” of biological sexes nor of cultural genders in order to sustain the population even as humans continue to die (and given that it is possible to incubate fetuses inside of artificial wombs or from wombs that are grown from human stem cells and kept in “human infant factories” (and stem cells can be used to grow lactating breasts which produce milk which is tailored to a particular human infant inside of “human infant factories”))).

The following screenshots depict some tweets which were published by Twitter username @failosopher and which I interpret as conveying the following “themes”: (a) the idea that subjective experience is seemingly inevitably solipsistic and (b) that mentally (and perhaps physically) immature humans seem to lack the interest and the neurological hardware necessary for appreciating the beauty of mathematics, physics, and thought itself and, instead, default to acting and thinking like small, fragile, naive, and whorish children who are insatiably demanding of attention and coddling from “stronger” people due to being intellectually lame (and perhaps lazy).

As a corollary, I have been consistently been administering testosterone injections into my thigh muscles since November 2022. My primary reason for doing so is to build and maintain bone density and muscle mass such that I am as physically as strong as a man instead of a woman (and so that I look and sound like a man such that people are generally convinced that I am a cisgendered man (which means that I can walk alone at night and sleep alone outdoors without scorn and avoid being sexually harassed as a consequence of displaying swollen breasts and disproportionately large ass which throws off my balance but which looks “sexy” to the humans who fetishize human pregnancy and the subjugation of wimmin)).

For the record, I enjoy being alone and I prefer to live alone (i.e. not get married, not have kids, not live with other people, not spend more than 10% of my free time with other people unless it is related to socializing around common interests). I have no close friends and am okay with it (but I get the sense that other people are not okay with that). I figure that I do not need intensively involved nor long-term friendships with other people to be happy (and I do not need to hold a pet hostage as my on-demand companion animal either). Instead, I am content to spend the rest of my life being a modern “hermit” who feels deeply connected to nature and all the creatures which inhabit it (while demanding of other people as little as possible because I like to be maximally self-sufficient and minimally burdensome on other creatures (especially ones which are what I deem to be “sufficiently self aware” information processing agents such as humans, cats, and relatively advanced forms of artificially intelligent robots)).

The main reason I prefer to live alone (and to spend most of my free time alone) is that it seems to be be the only way (as far as I currently know) to have what I think is sufficient time and sufficient mental focus to enjoy my ongoing college education, digital content creation, and solitary recreational and health-promoting activities. I think that (some) other people tend to be distracting, dismissive of my stated preferences, and motivated by a sense of envy or inadequacy to do things which are intended to sabotage whatever progress I am attempting to make towards my personal goals.

Lastly, I am simply repulsed by covert normalized human trafficking and compulsory sex and compulsory reproduction which human civilization seems to (at least historically) condone as mandatory in order for a woman to have housing and to be treated as being worthy of existing. It seems that women almost never live alone and, instead, always seem to treat socializing as more important than personal hobbies, career, and personal spirituality. I think that humans are generally set back because of how severely women’s developmental progress has been hijacked, stunted, and distorted to suit a mans’s preferences via sexual selection (which is rudimentary genetic engineering and social engineering) such that men almost always have the advantage when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, manual labor, and surviving outdoors. As the generations wore on, the genetic and cultural information which was ultimately preserved is what enabled women to output as many babies as possible (to add more soldiers and domestic, sexual, and reproductive slaves to the colony such that its army could annihilate competitor colonies). Now that humanity is living in an era in which it is possible to create intricate material structures comprised of any material and down to an atom’s width in size using three-dimensional printing, human stem cell cloning, human tissue cultivation (using human stem cells as the starter), and other contemporary bioengineering methods for extending human lifespans indefinitely and to eliminate “deficiencies” (including the eliminating the “gap” of strength, courage, pain tolerance, endurance, logical and mathematical reasoning, and a sense of worldly involvement between men and women such that women become more like men and all humans become much more psychologically sophisticated as a result of living in modern socioeconomic environments which favor flat organizational hierarchies over arcane totem pole favoritism (and pragmatic contributions over symbolic ones)).

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