karbytes: “I seem to have more time than almost ever other human adult has but I also seem to have less money than does every other human adult (and that is a result of me being unemployed and living on a small yet relatively fixed income in the form of donations from family members).”

karbytes: Out of those two resources (time and money), I think that time is most valuable because it is the only one of the two resources which cannot be replaced by some other resource instance.”

karbytes: “Based on my most recent observations and conceptualizations, all animals (especially humans) are consciously or subconsciously attempting to optimize their use of finite physical resources (and those resources are most essentially time and energy).”

karbytes: “I think that most human jobs exist merely to prevent humans from optimizing their resources too quickly for the societal matrix’s ends. If every human adult was given the same minimal fixed income per month from the government unconditionally, then all humans would be required to do in order to distinguish themselves from each other (besides volunteering or getting hired to do work for additional income or favors) is configure their spending habits to reflect their ‘unique’ personal priorities, preferences, ideals, and practices (which Big Other (i.e. some artificial intelligence which oversees all processes being executed on ever computer within the global Internet) observes and, if Big Other deems necessary, manipulates).”

karbytes: “Money could be defined as some abstract object which represents exactly one instance of work done within a unique and finite space-time interval.”

image_link: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/karlinarayberinger/KARBYTES_JOURNAL_2023_PART_1/main/work_drawing_22_december_2022.jpg

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