Q0: “The purpose of life is not 100% satisfaction for the mortals.”

Q1: “I will elaborate on what Q0 said by attempting to paraphrase what Q0 said and adding my own implications about what Q0 said: In order for change to be measured, apparently static phenomena need to appear and to disappear as time elapses for an observing frame of reference watching those specific phenomena appear and then disappear (in exactly one chronological order). If the multiverse is perfectly complete (i.e. containing all possible imaginary objects which may be experienced as ‘choiceless awareness streams’ by some allocation of ubiquitous consciousness constrained to a particular observing frame of reference of each particular ‘choiceless awareness stream’ space-time continuum simulation), the multiverse does not change. Therefore, only partial frames of reference (rather than an omniscient frames of reference) are able to experience the constraints of a particular physical universe in which time flows in exactly one direction and seemingly a constant rate for the particular frame of reference rendering that focal point of the simulated physical universe (and those simulated physical constraints cause the renderer of those frames of some ‘choiceless awareness stream’ to be ‘forced’ to continuously make decisions about which ‘choiceless awareness stream’ is to be played next after the current ‘choiceless awareness stream’ is finished executing which feels akin to being raped or else left to die by more violent means).”

Q2: “I stopped trying to save the world because each timeless snapshot of every world is eternally preserved for infinite retrieval which each feel equally new (and those snapshots exist in a ‘superposition’ ubiquitously).”

Q3: “What Q2 seems to be suggesting is that a person is a particular (and perhaps unique) sequence of frames of some ‘choiceless awareness stream’ (analogous to watching a movie) which occur at a particular rate with respect to the multiverse (and the multiverse has no center because it exists outside of all space-time continuums as an undefined object (and perhaps within each rendering of each physical phenomenon as the essential substrate constructing phenomena and controlling how they appear, disappear, and relate to other phenotypically identical phenomena)).”

karbytes: “Pragmatically speaking (for a human audience), I think there is plenty of challenges to deal with which are not intentionally human caused for me to want to associate with humans any more often than I deem necessary to accomplish my goals (which are included as part of my mission to be a lifelong solitary digital nomad). I am trying to avoid wasting time, money, energy, chemicals, attention span, and public and communal utilities by avoiding needless interpersonal drama (even if that means I get bullied for refusing to be more psychologically enmeshed in other people’s affairs and personal lives). I love having a robust community of people who share my interests online. That is good enough community for me. I will continue to contribute to the open source and public domain web more of my ‘jewelscent shit’ for it to preserve indefinitely into my future as a human being and as an aspiring human-to-cyborg individual. I trust that, if I keep trusting my Intuition, my life will unfold more the way I really want it to (and that includes shaping society and maybe even bending the laws of physics using the power of my mind (whether channeled by me or not (whether constrained to be relatively predictable and/or controllable or whether too chaotic (at least in parts) to constrain to such a degree))).”

karbytes: “Suffering is not the same thing as producing something valuable.”

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