It occurred to me that all of my body parts could become virtual body parts being hosted by some relatively physical machine (or even by a virtual machine being hosted by a relatively physical machine). Based on a science news article I recently read about memristors, I think that a human’s sense of self and memories are inextricably dependent on the physical architecture of that person’s brain and cannot be reproduced without the substantiating hardware which is the neurons and how they are connected, how many dendrites they have, where connective tissue is located, how dense that connective tissue is, and all the chemical and electrical “transactions” which are occurring inside of space and time within that nervous system comprised of neurons which act as routers and microprocessors of information transmitted via chemical and electrical reactions.

So if every cell of my body is scanned such that a 100% virtual model of my body can be hoseted on a computer, that virtual body would presumably have consciousness which feels like a continuation of the version of me which is writing this note using a physical human body to write that note. Once the virtual clone of my body is replicated on a machine, there will be two versions of me if both of us exist simultaneously. The version of me living on a computer would presumably remember writing this note. Perhaps the virtual copy of me will live inside of a virtual copy of Planet Earth and be able to access the Internet inside that virtual reality to read a copy of this note.

* * *

By the way, I was invited to come into Little Caesar’s (a cheap pizza place) in Castro Valley today at 4PM by a recruiter who called me on the phone yesterday. Today I was called on the phone by a recruiter at Human Bees, a facility which assembles machine parts pertaining to the military and to large commercial jets (or so I was told if my memory is correct). I have an interview scheduled with them tomorrow and applied for what seems like a very good graveyard shift (~8PM to ~4AM) paying approximately $21 per hour and having a relatively fixed schedule. I hope to get that job. I probably will not say much more about jobs until I have a paycheck to show off.

image_link: https://github.com/karlinarayberinger/KARBYTES_JOURNAL_2023_PART_0/blob/main/human_bees_interview_details_20_december_2022.png

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