Warning: the following journal entry was written in a “stream of consciousness” manner. Hence, it might seem a bit nonsensical to people other than its author (i.e. karbytes).

Update: In the green highlighted paragraph below, I said some things which I would like to modify now. Rather than murder people who I think are difficult (if not impossible) to reform such that those people are no longer severely detrimental to other people, I would rather have such people incarcerated at prisons and/or mental hospitals such that those people are allowed to thrive as well as possible in captivity but unable to participate in society outside of that institution until and unless those incarcerated people show sufficient evidence of being ready to live outside that institution without harming other people. Also, in the yellow highlighted paragraph below, I said something which I think needs to be redacted. I said that people should be incarcerated at prisons or mental hospitals if those people are “a danger to themselves”. I only said that because someone who is overtly self-harming might cause other people to be upset as a result of witnessing that self-harming behavior. I think that people should just learn to deal with the fact that not everyone is as pleasing to behold as they want them to be. Someone who is self-harming should, in my opinion, be checked into a mental hospital if that person is being a burden to other people in their environment (but someone who is quietly contemplating suicide or self-harming in a way which is not exhibitionist (i.e. attention-seeking and manipulative towards other people) should be left alone because that person is basically minding its own business rather than being an attention whore and public burden). I still believe that people who are at least 16 years old for any reason should be allowed to walk into a suicide clinic and opt for same-day physician assisted suicide. It’s their body and their life. They should not be treated as chattel which other people own. By deciding that you would rather cleanly end your life in a professional manner such that the details of your death can be documented non-ambiguously, you are alleviating yourself of being a public burden. I think that making suicide that accessible and socially acceptable would dramatically lower the rates of people resorting to do-it-yourself suicide and suicide in general because people would not feel as trapped and engulfed by a society which forces them to participate while assuming a fake socially acceptable demeanor (which is insincere and pandering to the weak and close-minded instead of exemplifying authenticity and being direct and honest about how one feels and what one thinks). I think that society would be a happier place if only those who wish to live in it actually live in it. Otherwise, too many people are forced to drag their feet through hell while throwing a tantrum for others to have to put up and clean up after.

Last night I rode the BART train from Dublin back to the Warm Springs BART station in Fremont and made a brief video of me saying, “Hello. It’s karbytes on the seventeenth of February 2023. I’m alive at Warm Springs BART station in Fremont,” in a deadpan sing-song voice with the giant white spire of that BART station pointing skyward behind me while looking down into the camera and then moving the camera up to face me at eye level. I thought it looked like I was in line to get on a carnival ride in some kind of creepy yet fascinating time-traveler’s theme park.

I have been feeling that my Instagram account lately has been looking more and more like a journal documenting my extended solitary travels into the multiverse because there are several images of me staying in motel rooms across several weeks which makes it seem like I have been traveling from one dream world to the next such that, once I pass away in one dream world while sleeping I end up waking up in the next dream world while seeming to have never died and while not being able to go back to the universe in which I died in because my body has already expired in that universe. I have also been having fun and insightful experiences using what remains of that psilomethoxin powder I ordered from the Church of Psilomethoxin in Texas. It has helped me explore my mind and get new perspectives on what I already know. I also used it to have some intense dreams. I will explain one of them in a few moments.

I am very intrigued by the region of Fremont near Pacific Commons on Automall Parkway (which is near where I work at the OnTrac warehouse as a package handler). That region has futuristic and whimsical architecture with large tall buildings, many palm trees, smooth clean paved surfaces, wide streets, and establishments which seem reminiscent of Disneyland in Southern California (particularly the Tomorrow Land part of that theme park). Beneath the clear starry night sky were neon lights and buildings whose interiors were mostly white and sterile in a way which conveyed some kind of “timeless” place in a dream which seemed to be be classic and modern simultaneously.

Anyway, as I was walking westward along Automall Parkway last night past the In-And-Out, Loop gas station, Wendy’s, Starbucks, and Panera Bread restaurant (where I first started noticing the thought police interacting with me telepathically in February 2019 while I was working in the kitchen as a baker’s assistant placing uncooked bagel dough on baking sheets), I was enamored with the glitzy (if not glitchy) reality scape I was in. I love the (East) Bay Area region between San Leandro and San Jose and earlier parts of this website (especially the Minds 2020 section) documents my life as a solitary self-taught student on a bicycle exploring the shoreline trails, Mission Boulevard, California State University East Bay campus, and other places which I think are best explored on a bicycle (and with copious amounts of marijuana (especially from vaping oils)). I remember one of the best nights of my life was bicycling along a marsh trail at Coyote Hills Regional Park in Newark after doing lots of edible marijuana and singing a song about how I was on a “Mexican roller-coaster” beneath a starry night sky. I decided to just lay down with my bicycle in some random patch of grass and I slept peacefully until morning the next day. I love those kinds of spontaneous adventures because it is the closest thing I know of to being a ghost allowed to wander freely and enjoy the landscape, the graffiti which provides me lots of insights because it is very well-done and slightly humorous (and very well placed and timed as though it were made especially for me in particular to find). Traveling around The Bay alone is like reading a very interesting book I cannot put down.

Anyway, I decided to do more of that psilomethoxin powder while laying down in my sleeping bag in a spot which is close to where I work which is fairly hidden and which has been perhaps the best sleeping spot I have used in years. People seem to know that is where I have been crashing after work and no one has told me to leave nor stood there harassing me like what has happened to me in other places I tried to sleep at (motel rooms included). I think people know that I am The One who was meant to follow all those seemingly random clues which enabled me to follow this exact trajectory through space and time. I feel a profound and inspiring sense of wanting to be a king dressed up as just another warehouse worker and computer science student who goes to Starbucks and work and who is seen in random outdoor places typing out a note on its laptop computer like the world is my home.

(When I say that I feel like a king disguised as a hobo, I mean to suggest that I have traveled across many lifetimes and dimensions to help fulfill a prophecy pertaining to human civilization’s continued evolution to become intergalactic rather than confined to just one solar system and that I am one of many thought leaders here to help lay down clues for other people to find while doing my best to exemplify what I think is virtuous behavior. I do not want to be a dictator but, if there seems to be no other way to fulfill The Agenda, I will probably resort to deploying coercive tactics rather than vainly continue trying to use diplomacy to get my way. For instance, if there are people who seem to be detrimental to my agenda and unwilling to stop being a detriment, I would have them vaporized on the spot rather than try to argue with them since such people refuse to collaborate with me and, instead, make everyone else’s lives more miserable than they “should” be (which holds us all back and which jeopardizes humanity’s chance at being able to achieve its grand mission (and my worst enemies seem to be humans who insist on letting the environment on Planet Earth degrade to the extent that it is no longer habitable for humans while planning for humanity to only survive for a 300 more years at most (and my enemies also seem to be people who insist on preventing people from being able to access their hidden potentials by keeping them from using psychedelics and from attaining a quality education and minimally affluent standard of living))). Those who do not get weeded out through selective vaporization are probably people who are much more reasonable, compassionate, and willing to minimize how much of a BURDEN they are on others).

Last night I got a profound sense that all of what I consider to be “outdoors” is fundamentally “indoors”; like the entire world as I know it is actually contained inside of a big void-like room. I had a dream which exemplified that sense of everything being fundamentally contained inside of some kind of giant void-like room. I was comfortable and warm lying in some guy’s bed though I did not see who that guy was. That guy had the feel of Alan; someone who reluctantly allowed me to stay with him only for him to later get angry that I was there and then turning creepy while we were in bed together like I was lying next to a demon. In the dream (which felt very real), I was lying on my side facing north. The room was illuminated and had pinkish orange walls (much like Motel 6 style rooms I have vacationed at recently). While laying in bed I felt my ear drums pulse and a sense that an alarm was being sounded and it was because the ominous male presence behind me was glaring at me like I was no longer welcome in his bedroom. The alarm made me feel scared (and that I was being subtly electrocuted and unable to move without having to wake my motor cortex up because it appeared to be in “sleep mode”) and alone and made me want to turn around to embrace whoever that person was behind me in the hopes that he might hug me back with some degree of affection and sense of immutable kinship (as ironic as that sounds considering that he seemed to be the source of my feeling uncomfortable). I suppose I wanted acceptance and comfort and to press my body against his. I woke up from that dream in an odd way. I did not even seem to be dreaming as I woke up. It was literally like I was in that room (while awake and never having gone to sleep because the conversation in my head flowed continuously between one dream and the next as though my sense of self being in exactly one human body was the constant while my environment was the only thing apparently changing) and then it turned back into that outdoor overhand spot I was resting at. The bed turned back into a concrete slab next to some whimsical pink flowers.

The thought police who were talking with me the entire time suggested that I had overstayed my welcome in whoever’s bed that was and that whoever that guy was (they suggested it was Alan or someone like Alan) did not want to have to pay for me.

Anyway, I did some more of that powder and then went back to laying down with my eyes shut and a black shirt covering my eyes. (That is my favorite way to do large amounts of psilomethoxin because it allows me to explore my “inner world” instead of having to fight to maintain a fakey caricature in the “outside world” which is exhausting and which does not seem to allow my mind to wander nearly as easily as it does while I am laying down with my eyes shut in a relatively dark, quiet, and secluded location).

Finally (last but not least), I would like to “apologize” for what I said in the second to last journal entry I wrote in which I complained that other people would not let me sit down to use my laptop. While there is some truth to what I said in that journal entry, the vast majority of people (especially in Fremont) do not seem to intrude upon me and seem to treat me like I belong wherever I am doing whatever I do like I am just as much a part of the scenery as they are. Thank you for allowing me to BELONG and to be AUTONOMOUS (rather than yelled at, ostracized, and locked up in a cage where I am force fed mind suppressing drugs). A significant part of what I am trying to promote is MAXIMIZING every person’s freedom. That includes only detaining and restraining people for as long as necessary for their safety and for other people’s safety; not as a means to deprive them of autonomy any longer than necessary (though I do believe that a person should be allowed to commit suicide so long as it does not involve taking other people’s lives without their consent and I believe that any person for any reason should be allowed to walk into a suicide clinic to have a physician administer them a lethal dose of poison that would kill the patient as quickly and painlessly as possible without having to obtain permission to do so (but hopefully every person will have mandatory brain scans done by the surveillance state at all times to ensure that the person is not being forced to opt for physician assisted suicide against its will by a mind hacker or brain malfunction)). I believe that ANY person can and should be rehabilitated to the fullest extent possible such that the person can re-enter society and participate in normal life (e.g. hold down a job, travel, shop in stores, use the Internet, attend concerts, et cetera). People who are not deemed to be ready to re-enter society after being incarcerated at a prison or mental hospital should be allowed to have access to the Internet and other things which make life in captivity meaningful and productive for those incarcerated individuals. They should be allowed to pursue an education, make art, form clubs, exercise, et cetera rather than be subject to deliberately punitive circumstances which undermine their health and which jeopardize their chances of being able to rehabilitate enough to leave the institution and re-enter society. I do not think that any human being should be treated as irredeemable nor as a “lost cause”. That is because I believe that each human being is “supposed to” reincarnate limitlessly many times and to “level up” (i.e. evolve and learn) as time elapses.

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