Warning: the following journal entry (and all other web pages within this website) may contain information which is obsolete by the time it is read. The author generated most of the content which comprises this website in a haste and while being barraged with psychotronic harassment from censorship-mongering thought police. Hence, the content below might seem a bit insincere, convoluted, or logically or factually inconsistent. The purpose of preserving such “drivel” is to enable the author of this website (karbytes) to have a sense of control over its own memories, goals, and preferences. This website is supposed to function as an external hard drive for preserving the author’s biological nervous system.

16_FEBRUARY_202 Update: Assuming that I will keep my current job for at least one year (and possibly for many years), I expect to save at least $100 per paycheck by transferring that money from my Patelco checking account to my Wise international bank account (and using that Wise account for rare transactions only while using my Patelco Mastercard and PayPal Mastercard for “every day” transactions). In order to prevent Public Storage from deducting more money from my Patelco account, I should go to a Patelco bank and have a new debit card printed to replace the old one such that the new card has a new number on it (which makes it impossible for Public Storage to “steal” more of my money unless they somehow get my new card information).

(Note that I never even stepped foot inside of the Public Storage facility which I am referring to (i.e. the one on Grove Way in Castro Valley, California) and that I “accidentally” paid to rent a unit at that facility. Apparently I have yet to officially move out even though I called the property manager and got only an answering machine which I left messages on and have yet to receive a call-back from and I downloaded the Public Storage app onto my Android phone in order to set today to be the move-out date. The email I received today which confirmed my move-out date said that I would be billed with a “late move-out” fee if I do not remove my lock from the unit. I do not want to have to walk all the way to that facility to get it but I might do that tomorrow. I am more likely to go to Patelco to get a new card with a new number on it since that is easier and what I think is a more effective means to prevent Public Storage from “stealing” more of my money. The reason I do not want to rent a Public Storage unit is that I do not have enough stuff to make doing so worth my time, energy, and money. My most valuable physical possessions are in my backpack or in my pockets. What little miscellaneous stuff I have is left in my room at my dad’s house. It there is a house fire which destroys everything in that house, I will not have to replace any of that stuff which I left there because it’s not stuff I need nor want very badly).

I would like to redress what I said yesterday in this journal entry: I do not think most human beings are trying to prevent human beings in general from being able to achieve limitlessly high degrees of physical, mental, financial, of social fitness. I think that most human beings would rather focus on their own jobs and lives and not intervene any more than necessary to do that in other people’s lives. I would rather believe that only some humans (i.e. less than 10% of all humans) are tyrannical control freaks who do not mind their own business and, instead, make a living out of trying to control other people and even prevent those people from achieving their goals so that the tyrant feels comforted by knowing that its victims are trapped in misery and are not having too good of a time (because the tyrant does not want other people to have more fun than itself). What I think is going on is that humans have collectively built themselves a societal “machine” which is so advanced that it practically has a mind of its own (and the humans might have accidentally become somewhat enslaved to that machine’s own survival agenda). I am just like the other humans in many ways. I to do not want to go without the benefits of capitalism which make my life more comfortable, safe, and fun than it otherwise would be (without the ability to use money to purchase goods and services which I myself do not have to procure “from scratch” so that I can spend more of my time and energy relaxing instead of toiling away like the “lower animals” of Planet Earth seem to (and those “lower animals” (i.e. non human animals) seem to have no life outside of constantly foraging for food, defending themselves against threats, and conserving their energy by spending as much time as possible in quasi-hibernation states)). The “lower animals” are so busy doing the bare minimum to survive and to pass on their genes that they have hardly had any incentive to develop “higher capacities” such as the ability to produce and enjoy complex forms of entertainment such as symbolic language systems, mathematics, music using instruments and symbolic language to encode and to decode a piece of music, and philosophy. I am very, very grateful to be a human (especially in the time and place I am living in). I am no longer freaking out over the state of the environment and human civilization’s progress towards solving its problems. I think that the human species is more equipped than ever before in the past to solve its problems and to continue evolving. I think that it is possible that, in my lifetime, poverty and most medical ailments will be non-existent because the economy will be totally digitized and regulated by artificial intelligence such that economic recessions, theft, and other forms of economic loss are prevented and because medicine will advance to a point where people can easily grow replacement body parts from a patient’s own stem cells. Also, I think that the police who “bully” me with mind control technologies are generally doing me more benefit than harm. I think that they helped me not be so insulated inside my parents’ house and, instead, get out and explore the world and make faster progress towards becoming financially independent and adapted to living in “the real world” than I probably would hav on my own. It was hard for me to “grow up” because I thought that the “real world” sucked in comparison to my home life (as a friendless introvert who hardly ever left its room nor wilderness refuge and spent most of its time immersed in the Internet watching videos, playing video games, and reading stuff). Now I like being a part of the “real world” much more that I like being at home. I am basically addicted to traveling around the Bay Area and working. I love this vibrant place full of interesting things and people. That’s the real reason I only come home for brief visits usually no more often than once or twice a week (to shower, check the mail, and pet the Brea).

Thank you for reading this journal and consequently helping me to take up more space in the consensus reality which connects us across space and time in YOUR present moment experience.

15_FEBRUARY_2023 Update: As I was walking towards my house and was approximately twenty feet away from it, I saw a little animal running from the shadows and into the light. It was my tortoise shell cat named Brea excitedly coming up to greet me. She stood up on her hind legs to press her head against my hand affectionately and she rolled around happily near my feet. I stopped to pet her for a bit before proceeding to go inside the house. Now I am in the house sitting on the toilet as I make this update. I would like to say that it might be a waste of my time and money to do my showering, laundry, and mail receiving outside the house and that it is probably most cost effective for me to go home to use the washing machine, dryer, shower, and mailbox at least once per week. One of the main reasons why I spend as little time at that house (and in Castro Valley) as possible is because the police (who use some kind of stealth brain-to-computer interface to read my thoughts and to forcibly project content into my auditory and sometimes visual field) seem to bombard me with messages I find extremely uncomfortable to put up with while I am in that area. Depending on what I am thinking about and where I am located, I hear various messages from those police. It seems that whenever I am near where my parents’ houses are (which is the area I grew up in), the police bully me with messages that I deserve to be talked down to, ignored, censored, and treated like a wayward child who is not expected nor supported to have a life outside of being locked away in a mental hospital. I think it is a way of “softly evicting” me so that I stay away from this town because I am no longer welcome here (and perhaps I never really was). Also, when I said earlier that I think that people are being forced to work for pay and to not be able to afford living alone in their own apartments or households for one, I think that is to prevent people from being able to break out of the contrived role play games which are supposed to make them too complacent and distracted to question the status quo and to do things which enable them to not be so deprived of space and time to think deeply and to analyze the way things are (because such introspection is a threat to the status quo of most people having to be perpetually busy and within almost constant oversight of other human beings within close proximity of them to ensure that their thought s do not wander into subject matter which is not conducive to keeping everyone used to being sleep deprived, under educated, under exercised, accustomed to eating unhealthily and while dismissing the welfare of the animals they pay to have raised in captivity and often slaughtered, and resigned to postpone taking climate change as seriously as they probably would if they were honest and adequately informed). (Finally, I rarely go home because the Internet and mobile phone services up here are very weak and not conducive to even the simplest Internet based tasks).

15_FEBRUARY_2023: Over the past 24 hours I have been thinking about whether or not to update the IDEOLOGY page of my primary website to include a paragraph which broaches the concept of a “hive mind” which is able to simultaneously experience multiple first-person frames of reference and, also, the concept of “consensus reality”. I have also been thinking about more pragmatic issues.

Firstly, I have been thinking that this is probably the first week I will not end up spending all of my ~$300 weekly paycheck. I feel the need to save as much money as possible and pretend that, sooner or later, my mom will stop being able or willing to give me money (so that I stop being so dependent on someone other than myself for financial security). I do not think it is worth my money to rent a motel room. Instead, I might just apply for a gym membership at Planet Fitness for approximately $10 per month so that I can go there to take a weekly shower (and use the nearby laundry mat to do my laundry) in the Laurel District of Oakland where I used to visit my second boyfriend Alan (and that area is about an hour’s walk from the Fruitvale BART station). Finally, if I want to keep receiving mail, I will probably have to rent a Post Office box (which means I will have to make an appointment to go to DMV to get a new driver’s license and likely I will have to have it mailed to my dad’s house). Then and only then will I have the requisite documents necessary to prove that I have a legal address so that I can rent a public mailbox. It seems like a lot of work just to not have to use my parent’s houses to get by, but I think it might be worth it. In the mean time, I will try to rely on my family or origin as little as possible. Today I plan on walking to my dad’s house to take my birth certificate and social security card out of my room and to put those documents in my backpack instead (for my peace of mind).

Finally, I am getting used to living in public and mostly outdoors. It does seem like “cheating” the societal game which seems to implicitly require that all adults pay rent for a housing unit and pay for the cost of relying on a car to get to work (and people who do not qualify for government financial aid are implicitly required to spend most of their waking hours working for pay so that those people do not become too introverted and too cut off from having to be relevant and useful to people other than their family of origin).

What I said in the previous paragraph is what I think is the real reason automation of jobs has not been more prevalent and why innovation to make the average standard of living higher has not been faster. I have heard that there are more than enough material resources and real estate to go around such that all humans could be housed and have access to basic resources such as food, transportation (at least by self-driving taxis), medical care, Internet access, and money or vouchers to buy miscellaneous commodities such as clothes, electronics, sports equipment, books, et cetera. So why is not every adult receiving an unconditional basic income of approximately $5,000 each month? If they did, they might not spend as much money because they have a comfortable, safe, and private place to hang out where they can get most of their entertainment, educational, and white collar (i.e. “work from anywhere” Internet-based) employment needs met. I think that society is trying to remain sufficiently old fashioned and blue collar so that people are forced to interact with people who would otherwise be strangers they have no obligation to care about.

(I have decided to update that IDEOLOGY page as I said I would).

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