Update: Contrary to what I said earlier today in this journal entry web page about not wanting to add another prose page to my primary website until I add more code pages to that website, I decided to add another prose page to that website today named IDEOLOGY. I also shared a link to that new page on my primary website to my Twitter page, my Minds page, my Patreon page, and my LinkedIn page.

Update: Today I made some modifications to the ONTOLOGY page of my primary website.

I unpinned the social media post which contains a link to my Patreon page from the top of my Twitter and my Minds profiles and added a new pinned social media post to the top of my Twitter and my Minds profiles which consists of a link to my primary website (i.e. Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com (and my secondary website is this one (i.e. Karbytes For Life Blog dot WordPress dot Com))) and a photograph I took with my phone several years ago of a piece of broccoli which exhibits fractal patterns (and which is featured on the home page of my primary website). I intend to leave those pinned social media posts as the only pinned social media posts on those profiles indefinitely. Today I also published a link to the last journal entry web page which I added to chapter ten of the 2023 journal section of this website to my Patreon page and to my LinkedIn page. Now that I am working on chapter 11 of the 2023 journal section of this website, I intend to slow down how frequently I add new journal entries to this website and to focus more on coding than I have in the past. After I get some more code pages added to my primary website I intend to add some more well-written prose pages to my primary website which succinctly and clearly articulate philosophical insights I have which I think are relevant to that website’s subject matter (especially the ideas I talk about speculatively in the last journal entry of the previous chapter of the 2023 journal section of this website).



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