10_FEBRUARY_2023: Though I may have mentioned the following ideas before, I think that it would be useful for me to mention them again (and hopefully more clearly this time). If it were up to me, I would require that all people obtain a government-issued permit for each new pregnancy to be allowed to be completed such that a new human being is able to be born (and people who fail to meet that requirement will be detained, forced to undergo an abortion if the pregnancy is less than three months old (or to give birth while incarcerated if the pregnancy is older than three months before birthing that child and then having that child confiscated and placed into the custody of more competent guardians including orphanage staff), incarcerated for up to six months, and fined up to $5,000). The purpose of having to obtain a permit in order to give birth to a child is (a) to ensure that the birth parent is physically, mentally, financially fit enough to carry out the responsibilities of incubating, caring for, and educating a new human citizen, (b) to prevent the world from becoming overpopulated (because overpopulation diminishes every person’s quality of life by making finite and vital resources scarce rather than minimally abundant and dramatically increases the likelihood that violence, vandalism, disease, and other stress-related maladies will be prevalent due to the fact that too many organisms are competing over too few resources, and (c) to spur female-bodied humans to stop acting like helpless victims of unwanted pregnancy and, instead, proactive agents who take adequate measures to prevent unwanted pregnancy such as abstinence and proper birth control methods. I am irked that, when a female-bodied human gets pregnant and cannot afford to properly care for a child (or itself), society excuses and rewards such irresponsibility by giving the pregnant person free resources, special treatment, and praise while someone else is guaranteed to have to pay the costs and to deal with the adverse effects of a deadbeat parent raising a child to be an entitled, bratty bum (who is more likely than legally procured offspring to be a public burden into adulthood). Lastly, if my policies were to be implemented, I think that the average intelligence level, income level, and health metrics would be significantly higher across the human population and most of humanity’s preventable maladies such as large-scale fossil fuels dependence would be replaced overnight with scalable and effective solutions instead of half steps and token measures. I think that the population would simply consist of higher quality human beings instead of under-educated, malnourished, and sickly ones and that such people would not be as complacent about solving the world’s problems as most people seem to be today.

09_FEBRUARY_2023: While sitting on the corner seat of a BART train car which was partially sunk in, I saw some pencil graffiti which I thought was uplifting and relevant to my personal drama.

The first message was, “When they stop talking you should be worried.”

The second message was, “Kill them with kindness.”

Both of those messages pertain to my multi-year struggle to stop talking out loud to myself (which is an addicting form of entertainment for me but which is also, seemingly causing the Thought Police to bully me with auditory messages force fed to my brain somehow (and I think that the police knocked me unconscious or waited for me to fall asleep before implanting some kind of brain-to-computer device in my body which monitors my brain activity (and other biological metrics such as heart rate, cortisol levels, and muscle contractions) and which induces auditory (and perhaps visual, olfactory, and tactile) hallucinations as an alternative to being long-term incarcerated in a prison or mental hospital and as an alternative to traditional parole).

Finally, I found an article today (after reading a news artificial which popped up on my phone about how millennials and generations younger than them are more likely than older generations to choose a “Dual Income, No Kids, With A Dog” lifestyle) about how the income gap between married women (with college degrees) and unmarried women (with college degrees) and men (with college degrees whether married or unmarried) is approximately 55% (based on whatever research they did). I want to use that article as “evidence” to support my claim that “marriage is a dead end job for women.”

(The link to the article is as follows: https://hbr.org/2017/06/the-average-mid-forties-male-college-graduate-earns-55-more-than-his-female-counterparts).

(The following passage was taken from the article referenced above: ‘…Indeed, married women’s earning power seems to benefit very little from changing jobs. This factor is influential enough to explain a significant share of the earnings gap widening. In short, although married women change jobs with almost the same frequency as men do, they do not benefit from these moves in terms of earnings increases as men’s career moves tend to be towards better-paying firms, whereas married women’s moves are not. This may be related to a phenomenon called “tied migration.” Families make their location decisions based on the “primary career,” which usually is that of the husband. This is why job moves often only benefit that primary career and could even hurt the secondary career. Conversely, unmarried women tend to benefit from job mobility in a way that more closely resembles both married and unmarried men…’).

If “too many” women decide to not get married and especially to not have kids, I think the population of “useful idiots” will plummet so severely that it might go extinct. Then only affluent people would have kids as a conscious well thought out decision (rather than as a consequence of accidentally becoming pregnant as a result of not using adequate birth control while having cheap easy sex (and, for whatever reason, not getting a chemical nor surgical abortion afterwards) or as a consequence of getting raped and then impregnated and forced to give birth to rape spawn (either because the rapee gets raped out of wedlock or, more historically common, legally raped by her husband because, for millennia, women have had almost no say over who they marry, when they marry, and when they fuck)).

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