In the past I have committed multiple crimes including initiating physical violence against another person during a dispute, scratching cars with keys, and stealing merchandise from stores.

Within the past two months I started working as a package handler at a logistics company and truly enjoy this kind of work and industry. As someone with a background in computer science and information technology, I especially appreciate the way this work physically applies otherwise abstract concepts such as the “traveling salesman problem” in terms of finding the most efficient delivery routes (but as a budding physics student, I appreciate how physical logistics really is and how it isn’t confined to a mere software simulation). I like that the job does not assign me homework nor does it demand much of me in terms of intellectual or social skills. I also like how it is a job involves moving around, lifting objects, throwing objects (i.e. small lightweight packages into piles behind a wall of tightly stacked boxes inside of truck trailers), and driving a pallet jack. It’s like being paid to play a video game or sport. Even though the job does not make much money, it is fun and affords me ample free time outside of work to do other things.

My goal this year is to keep working at this job (or in this industry in case I lose my job) while using my free time to work on personal projects related to website development, computer programming, hands-on physics experiments, psychedelic use, and traveling by bicycle, walking, and taking public transportation around the San Francisco Bay Area.

The purpose of this blog post is to orient myself in time and space and to set myself up for success with respect to my goals. I do not intend to bring up past issues unless they continue to be sufficiently relevant in the present. I also intend to avoid talking about people other than myself in an unflattering way (or in general (though I might occasionally cite examples of human beings whose influence I am grateful for and why)). Finally, I will do my best to keep my future journal entries as concise and personally meaningful as possible (and ideally useful and interesting to other people (and my target audience (secondary to myself) is young adults who are interested in studying physical science and philosophy deeply)).

I look forward to reviewing my blog in the year 2080 and possibly rekindling memories which I would have likely otherwise forgotten and being able to appreciate my personal evolution as a result of having a tangible and external medium for housing the information (in the form of a cluster of public websites whose pages I back up to the WayBack Machine at Archive dot Org) which I selected to help build and maintain my preferred identity.

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