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Update: Partially because I already posted a screenshot from the home page of this website to my Twitter and Minds pages which depicts the word Patreon membership tier as costing patrons $64 per month instead of $16 per month (and my primary website depicted that tier as costing patrons $16 per month instead of $64), I decided to update the home pages on both my primary website and my secondary website (i.e. this website) and my Patreon page such that the “word” membership tier is consistently depicted as costing patrons $64 per month. (I also made that update because I like the way the dollar amounts geometrically increase by eight times between adjacent tiers in ascending order). A screenshot of my Patreon page taken today is displayed below.

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I just had a weird thought I would like to share: if all the men (cisgendered and transgendered) suddenly became incurably homosexual (i.e. no longer attracted to women and only attracted to men), then the women (cisgendered and transgendered) would either have to settle for being lesbians, asexuals, or involuntarily celibates. (For the record I feel a lot more like a gay man than usual. I am getting majorly turned off by how some female characters have been desperately trying to coerce me into being heterosexual (and otherwise non-queer) seemingly in order to help those fems feel less obsolete when all they seem to have to “offer” is sex, reproduction, and myopic social enmeshment as a determent from deep thinking, solitary living, and generally having more fun than they seem able and willing to have (and though I think sex is fun and desirable in some contexts, I generally see it as contrived, overly costly, and a means to keep people mentally enslaved into schemes which impede their education, bodily autonomy, longevity, creativity, authenticity, and capacity to care about other beings in ways which are not so transactional, exploitative, tribalistic, primitive, and quite frankly, patriarchal)). What I have been thinking about a lot lately is how the “gap” between male and female phenotype traits in humans is more exaggerated than it is in all other species of primates (and I think that is because, for most of human history, humans spent most of their time and energy playing a game of “cat and mouse” because pregnancy is relatively dangerous for humans and therefore not something a human would rationally be willing to consent to without sufficient compensation for that risk and loss of personal freedom. Hence, I see too much of human biology and culture reinforcing each other in a feedback loop which reinforces sexual dimorphism such that the females are stunted to remain as weak and neonatal-looking as children with only cumbersome bulges of fat to advertise sexual maturity (i.e. readiness to become pregnant). To comment on such features is to invite ridicule, scorn, and perhaps even punishment because it is akin to saying that women look like they have been self-domesticated to be doglike in their submissiveness and inability to defend themselves and to seriously compete with men (because a woman’s survival historically seemed to have depended on her appealing to a man to protect her from the violence of other men in exchange for her allowing him (and not any other men) to use her for sex and reproduction). Please note that I do not mean to suggest that women cannot be cool, strong, smart, independent, hard-working, kind, and fun. The women who seem to get the most attention seem to be the ones who express themselves inside the role of a hypersexual, hypointellectual persona. Please do not take what I say too seriously. I have been a victim of long term sexual and psychological harassment from female bullies. I do not mean to disregard awesome women just because a few not-so-awesome women have taken up so much of my time and energy as parasitic tyrants, petulant brats, and deliberately babyish whorish bullies. I do not mean to be so focused on superficial appearances. It just seems that, as soon as I spend even a second paying attention to something other than chauvinistic bitch fighting, I get attacked by The Thought Police and pummeled into having to keep the object of my attention contrived, superficial, and what The Establishment deems to be non threatening to its aims.

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