While smoking weed beneath the starry night sky, I realized how much I wanted to get back to riding my bicycle around the flats of the East and South Bay Area (i.e. the area between Hayward and San Jose along the shoreline of the San Francisco Bay Area’s remaining ocean outlet (with what seems to be a still-thriving marshland)). I want to fly around to visit the wilderness areas and be a protector of the realm (i.e. an environmental activist and engineer).

I realized that sentencing a mortal being to be incarcerated for the remainder of its lifespan is akin to murder. I generally do not condone murder (but I do condone murder in self defense).

If it were up to me, I would forbade incarceration sentences lasting for any longer than the 5% of an incarcerated individual’s expected lifespan (as predicted by artificial intelligence and biometric monitoring).

If a human individual is expected to live for a total of 100 years, then, if that human individual is sentenced to be incarcerated, then that human individual shall not be sentenced for longer than ten years.

I am a sick bastard who thinks that it is okay to torture people who are incarcerated if and only if the torture period is finite and no longer in length than that of that person’s maximum incarceration sentence period.

Why do I condone torture? I believe that all sentience beings will reincarnate limitlessly many times (and have already). Therefore, going through a temporary torture phase may serve as TRAINING to make the soul of a reincarnating individual stronger and more intelligent as the total time elapsed since that person formed a unique and lasting valued personhood.

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