The following text snippets and LinkedIn screenshot image comprise this journal entry. It is not what I consider to be a very high quality journal entry, but it does get some “junk” out of my mind and into this cyberspace container for indefinitely many retrievals. This journal entry helps to provide more information about karbytes the character (and karbytes is the author of this website). Beware that this journal entry deviates from karbytes’ typical preferred style and subject matter in order to resolve some cognitive dissonance which seems to be occurring in karbytes’ universe (according to karbytes). The content of this journal entry (except for the LinkedIn screenshot) is what karbytes thinks is pandering to critics of karbytes more than to fans and, also, that content seems to be portraying a fictional caricature rather than a more accurate depiction of karbytes. A more accurate depiction of karbytes seems to require that karbytes be given more time, space, and physical comfort in which to compose verbalized thoughts. (A good example of what karbytes thinks is the most accurate depiction of what karbytes is like according to karbytes is the primary website of karbytes: Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com).

Update: so as to not let this blog post remain too myopically centered on what happens inside the United States of America only, I decided to share a link to an article I recently found online about how Elon Musk could possibly use his Starlink system to enable women of Afghanistan to continue pursuing an education online in spite of the recent educational bans on women which were imposed by the Taliban. (Allegedly, Afghani women are not allowed to pursue an education past fourth grade nor to work outside the home under the Taliban’s reign. If the Taliban has its way, “their” women will remain intellectually stunted as ten year old children while presumably being forced to get married and to bare offspring against their will. Those women might as well be kept on life support in a comatose state as little more than disembodied wombs and female sex organs while those comatose women are raped in their sleep and then forced to deliver the next generation of slaves to the Taliban).

One thing which seriously annoys me about “modern” women is the fact that many of them end up becoming pregnant unexpectedly and without exactly wanting to be (such that they supply an excessively high demand for abortion services). Why are so many “modern” women neglecting to use proper birth control? I think they are lazy more than ignorant; relying on cheap and unreliable means to prevent unwanted pregnancy such as condoms and “pulling out” (instead of the 99.99% effective, long term (constant protection for over a decade), and in some cases hormone free interuterine devices). I never got pregnant once and I have been using a hormone-free copper interuterine device which releases trace amounts of copper into the uterus such that the chemical composition of the environment in there is too inhospitable to allow fertilized eggs incubate. (At present, I am doubly protected from unwanted pregnancy as a result of being on sufficiently high testosterone consistently (which causes my body to think it is a male and hence not ovulate nor go through menses)). I used to take hormonal birth control pills which load the body with unnaturally high amounts of estrogen and progesterone in order to trick the body into thinking that it is perpetually pregnant yet still going through menses cycles without ovulation. Until women stop acting like animals who do not know how to prevent themselves from getting pregnant, I am afraid I will have to treat them like a class of retarded people who have yet to prove their competence as modern era adults; not little kids who say “oopsies, I accidentally got knocked up! Derp! Gimme ma abortion!”

For the record, I condone abortion in most cases in which it is sought (but I prefer to restrict abortion to first trimester fetuses only or else in order to save the mother from dying or from becoming permanently maimed). I value adult life more than I value the lives of in-utero fetuses. That is because I tend to associate higher value with higher intelligence (and more developed knowledge and memory storage structure). Hence, I am more interested in protecting the life of a whole adult brain than I am in protecting the “seed” (or more accurately, “sprout”) of a brain which only has a chance of blossoming into something comparatively complex.

(There are presumably already 8 billion humans inhabiting Planet Earth today while climate change, environmental toxicity, and ecological destabilization due to human activity is still largely left unmitigated. If it were up to me, I would temporarily sterilize all human beings until the eco issues on Planet Earth are thoroughly resolved (and if they do not get resolved in time to my satisfaction before the current humans become too old to reproduce, then I would let the human species go extinct)).

Some people seem to value fetuses more than adults because, unlike adults, fetuses are assumed to be “blank slates” which, once born, are extremely easy to indoctrinate for in a deeply entrenched manner. Meanwhile, adults are harder to control and brainwash. Also, a mother cat deliberately neglects the runt of her litter so that the healthier-looking offspring get all the milk and warmth and hunting lessons because those are the ones the mother thinks are most likely to survive to adulthood (where they can pass on her genes). Humans are capital and, if not properly planned for and invested in, become burdens to society and spread their suffering throughout the realm.

(Note that in prior journal entries (especially the previous one) and perhaps even this one, I exaggerate or fabricate details such as hearing people talking shit about me. What I think is really going on is that law enforcement forces me to hear distorted sounds and auditory hallucinations which take samples of other people’s voices and other sounds from the environment to produce auditory inputs which only I hear (perhaps via some kind of cochlear implant, cortical implant, or microwave auditory effect) in order to “rehabilitate” me to think, feel, and act the way law enforcement wants me to.

For the record, I did not lose my virginity until I was 20 years old and dating SED. I did not use birth control until after I turned 21 because that’s around the time I stopped taking testosterone injections after having started them in 2009 (when I was 19 years old) at SED’s insistence and, mostly, because I decided that keeping up the regimen would eventually become too costly (and I never held a job for more than one month until I started my internship at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 2012 for three consecutive years). As soon as I quit the testosterone in my early twenties, I started taking daily birth control pills which were prescribed to me by Planned Parenthood in San Ramon. After SED and I broke up and I started casually dating AJP in 2015 (right after my Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory internship ended), I went to the local gynecologist in Castro Valley using Medical to get a copper interuterine device installed in my cervix in order to minimize the likelihood of me becoming pregnant and to get rid of the unwanted side effects of too much estrogen. Years later in late 2022 I reinstated taking testosterone injections (which is also an extremely potent form of birth control). Taking testosterone in general has accelerated my progress towards personal goals. It is quite the physical and mental performance enhancement!

For the record, I have never been married, never been pregnant, and prefer to remain single (and mostly celibate except for occasional casual sex with friends), childless, and spending most of my free time traveling, resting, and engaging in hobbies by myself (as a loner by choice). I cherish spending time alone to hear myself think and to immerse myself in the beautiful refuge of nature (with minimal uninvited interference from other humans).

Most humans are too needy for attention and too censoring for my taste. Hence, I generally try to avoid them because being in their presence is a battle to hear myself think while they clamor for my finite cognitive resources and, out of boredom, a lack of imagination, and an addiction to cheap distractions in the form of petty interpersonal drama, they often try to pick fights with me while I try to avoid reacting such that I take a loss of quality of life.

Although it is not that inaccurate to call me a misanthrope, it is still far more accurate to call me an elitist.

I define “misanthrope” as “a person who generally dislikes human beings”.

I define “elitist” as “a person who prefers to pay more attention to educated, affluent professionals than to other classes of human”.

Despite being somewhat of an elitist, I do my best to be as radically accepting of all existence as possible and to value all persons such that I regard them as unique and irreplaceable pieces of creation and such that I always strive to minimize my harmful impact on each person (and I desire for each person to be as happy as possible; to continuously evolve and to learn and to glean intrinsic value from the activities and experiences of one’s own existence).

I do not intend to close chapter 9 and start chapter 10 of the 2023 journal section of this website until I get two more software application web pages added my primary website (i.e. Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com).

Generally speaking, me working on my computer science projects for even an hour per day (most days) is better than me not working on my computer science projects at all. Thankfully, I (within the limitations of my encompassing physical universe) ultimately get to decide how fast to make progress with my computer programming assignments because I am the only person assigning them. I prefer to enjoy the process as much as possible and to make the end product as high quality as possible. My primary website is basically my mansion in the clouds.

I do not think that I am that much of an elitist nor misanthrope. Perhaps I just say I am those things in order to put an end to some conflict. (A general strategy I deploy to minimize unwanted interpersonal drama in my life is to lie or to exaggerate when talking about myself (especially when deprived of what I think is sufficient space to reflect before I speak due to being overloaded with other people’s impatient and antagonistic noise)).

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