I think that there should be a special legal and cultural class of citizens who self identify as never intending to bare offspring and which never have bared offspring and which never intend to get married nor who have ever been married.

(That group of citizens seems to be the hardest working, the most educated, the highest earning potentialed, and the least mainstream consumerist culture supported (as far as I can tell). I do not take the previous sentence very seriously. It may be the case that the TYPE of citizen which I described in the first paragraph of the body section of this web page is the most culturally supported and/or the most economically supported classification of human).

I cannot help but want to suggest that the states within the United States of America which recently banned abortion (especially in cases of rape or incest) are primarily motivated by the goal of ensuring that the population of easy-to-indoctrinate humans remains sufficiently high and that parents and care givers are too overloaded with child care duties to deploy less petroleum fuels and animal slaughter dependent means of (status quo homeostasis)existence.

I see people walking into the Panera bread which I am sitting at stopping to give me dirty looks as I type this note. Perhaps they do not like that I am not being forced to make female bodied humans available to be raped and then forced to give birth to new soldiers of for the empire. I do not enjoy sitting in this restaurant today because people keep stopping to gawk at me like they need to micromanage and/or censor my writing and/or rob me of enjoyment. Those who resigned themselves to being breeders who are poorer and less educated than me seem to be the most hostile to me. They seem to be the ones who want to halt the progress towards replacing most (but not necessarily all) human workers at fast food restaurants with robots because such people need the money yet have the fewest options for how to get it (especially in large quantities).

On my next paycheck, I intend to buy at least one camping battery so that I do not have to sit in a restaurant in which I appear to be the only person sitting alone (and using a laptop computer while the people next to me give me dirty looks, say condescending words seemingly exclusively for me to hear, and gossip incessantly with bland cheer while looking over their shoulders every few seconds for someone else to provide them entertainment (or, perhaps more bluntly, attention).

There seems to be an agenda to keep women dumbed down, deprived of solitude, and sold the notion that all they can do is get a boyfriend and have kids with him as their basic default security and life plan. This is especially relevant to me in the case of the kinds of songs I have been hearing on the radio earlier this week (back when I was still driving). I am no longer driving. I just walk and take BART now.

I am starting to feel better now that the shroom trip is shifting moods and themes. Suddenly it went from the usual disappointment and horror about what seems to be getting taken hostage by some hive mind enforcer machine and then a sense of warm, pink-orange glowing relief at having MASTERED something I was trying to take control of and turn into an ABILITY.

My ability to write and to use the Internet for doing research and for expressing myself is perhaps the most essential function of being a cyborg.

Note that a few days ago I saw a Habitat For Humanity truck drive by as I was walking down the road and the truck displayed the following motto beneath the organization name: “Because everyone deserves a decent place to live.” Earlier today I was joking to myself about how the following line of text should have been appended to the bottom of that message: “(if they spend enough of their time and energy suffering to earn it)”.

Is suffering currency? No. The ideal notion of currency is that it is a quantifiable and transferable certificate of valued labor being performed (at some point in time (in the past or in the future)).

What would happen if as many jobs as possible were outsourced to machines instead of to humans? I bet you that humans would continue to be innovative and find useful and enjoyable ways to fill their time. In other words, the labor market will not shrink (but the nature of work will likely change).

Humans who can get all their needs met by the government (which is powered mostly by machine automation) might lack incentives to go out of their ways to meet other humans and to take an interest in the lives of other humans. I doubt it. I think that humans will naturally form symbiotic associations with each other based on common interests, hobbies, and goals. What I am trying to suggest is that people should be able to live on a universal basic income (yet also have the option to work in order to earn more money and to have more things to do (especially things which other people find useful and/or willing to pay money for being done)).

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