There are some people who I think are angry at me and who want to sabotage me simply because those people do not want me to be as satisfied with how I spend my time as I generally am. Such people may work harder than I do and have less free time than I have (yet have more money than I do) and such people want me to neither have much money nor have much free time. What I would suggest those people do to feel better (as an alternative to trying to hurt me) is accept less pay for decreasing their work load and, perhaps, live out of their cars and motel rooms instead of in expensive apartments they do not want to have to keep working so hard to pay the rent for.

Finally, I do not consent to being any person’s indentured servant nor cohabitant against my will. (That might mean that I am a “bad” family member or a “bad” friend because, rather than reduce my work hours in order to be someone else’s live-in assistant, I would rather not give up being able to live in my own housing unit or campsite for exactly one person (and I think that professional care givers and assistance technology should be sufficient to replace me as someone else’s live-in assistant)). One of my lifelong dreams is to live alone rather than in a household populated with multiple people. That is why I spend most of my free time outside traveling and camping and as much time as I can reasonably afford renting a motel room for two nights in a row (at least once per month).

I smoked the very potent marijuana which I bought from Zide Door for approximately $20. It is a hybrid sativa-indica strain of cannabis. I also bought Ice Penis Envis shrooms for approximately $40 from that store. What happened is that while I was smoking the weed out of my new glass bong (which I replaced after breaking the first one from Twilight Zone in Hayward for approximately $20), is that I started talking to myself as God and saw that it was me who was on trial: God. The room and my skin became melded together and I felt my body become one with the room. It was a bit uncomfortable. It lasted for approximately ten seconds. I do not like relinquishing control over my (human) body.

(I noticed that the Fremont Walmart had a “Minute Key” vending machine apparently for making copies of keys. That is good to know considering that the only other option I know for making (metal) key copies is going to a place like Ace Hardware in Castro Valley to have a professional make the key within approximately one hour).

Unlike the Dublin Walmart, the Fremont Walmart has not required me to leave my backpack at the door while shopping. I also noticed that the Fremont Walmart has a robotic smoothie machine and a larger selection of bicycles (though, after inspecting them, I still consider them to be too low quality and too high in price (and I think buying a higher quality bicycle from a bicycle store is best because I can easily take the bicycle in for repairs and tune-ups at that shop knowing that the shop has compatible parts and expertise related to that particular brand and model of bicycle)).

I checked my Gmail inbox around noon and saw a notice from UPS saying that my package was delivered and that my dad provided a signature. When I got back to his house, I saw that his garage door was fully open and that his car was in there but my dad appeared to not be home when I went around the house and yard looking for him. He left the package on my desk in my room. I took a photograph of the birth certificate inside that package and uploaded it to the cloud. Then I drove to Ontrac in Fremont and very quickly got the document approved by the onboarding staff. I suppose my job is now secure (though I still intend to back up an image of my uncensored social security card to one of my private GitHub repositories (due to the fact that I expect my social security number to be displayed on that card) and an image of my social security card with the social security number blacked out to one of my public GitHub repositories). I’ll keep the social security in my backpack along with my birth certificate.

Rather than risk being disappointed by assuming I will get to keep my job for at least a year, I have decided that it is more strategic for me to assume that I will get fired on 02_FEBRUARY_2023 as a result of not being able to bring either my social security card or else my new birth certificate into the office by that date.

I went to the Dublin Walmart to look at the bicycle selection and ultimately decided that purchasing a Walmart bicycle is not a good investment because I noticed that some of the bicycles had broken or missing parts. I would rather wait until I have more money and/or a better job before I invest in a higher quality bicycle from a store like the Hayward Cyclepath. In the meantime, I intend to keep walking because it is cheaper and more sustainable. Perhaps a bicycle is best thought of as a luxury item which I use for recreation rather than as my default commute means (which is walking and using public transportation such as BART).

I forgot to mention earlier that I am currently renting a room at Motel 6 near East Dublin BART station for two nights in a row for a total of $203.

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