In the warehouse which I work at, there are several large digital wall clocks displaying glowing red hours and minutes. Each of those clocks displays a different time. Which one is the correct time?

While driving down the streets which pass by the west side of Castro Valley High School at approximately 10:50PM (Pacific Standard Time), I thought about how time is basically a consensus reality feature such that each unique and partial frame of reference experiences its own space-time continuum. I thought about how objects which travel at the speed of light through a vacuum are allegedly not experiencing the passage of time (which is why electromagnetic radiation which travels from a source to any particular target is always traveling at the speed of light (theoretically speaking)). Whether my car is moving towards a camera which is planted in the ground as I approach that camera at approximately 25 miles per hour or whether my car is parked, the headlights which emit light such that the camera detects those incoming light waves area apparently sending light at the same speed for both scenarios (but, from the relatively stationary camera’s perspective, the incoming light which is being emitted from my car appears to be “blue shifted” (i.e. higher frequency of electromagnetic waves) in comparison the incoming light which is being emitted from my relatively stationary car).

I was thinking about how I could start a terribly simplistic religion about how apparently “alive” humans can channel any “dead” person they want to using a belief in panpsychism as an excuse to recycle egos (if not parasitically force a dead ego to be the captive audience “parasite” of its living host human). I think that would be an unethical practice; forcing someone to be a prisoner in someone else’s reality. I instead advocate for the formation and continuation of original egos (across multiple life times if possible and if that ego desires to reincarnate).

To elaborate on what I said in the previous paragraph, I would say that Christianity (as I understand it) sounds like using exactly one person (who used to be a living human and is now a non-living human) as a template to make indefinitely many copies of to have live inside of each Christian host with a living physical body (and the purpose of Jesus is to serve as the only human sacrifice necessary to allow any and all human beings to have some kind of spiritual starter dough by which to augment their own unique modern personalities (and that dough is apparently alive and a continuation of where the consciousness of Jesus stopped inhabiting the dilapidated corpse rotting on the cross post slaughter)). No more animals (living bodies) need to be slaughtered to pay for any animal’s (the soul inside that animal’s) reincarnation. I think Christianity is excessively focused on revenge and money and not enough on taking a more impersonal and inclusive stance.

I noticed that one of my three gray blankets which I purchased last week from Walmart went missing between the time I was doing laundry at my dad’s house and the time that I sat down to type this note on my laptop computer next to the OnTrac at approximately midnight. I also noticed that one of my three USB-C cables went missing during that same aforementioned time (and space) interval. More often than not, whenever I go to my parents’ houses (especially my dad’s), I notice items of mine disappearing.

I do think that other humans deliberately intervene in my life to induce more hardship than what I would seemingly otherwise experience if humans took as laissez faire of an approach as I do: as much as I think is possible and conducive to all humans living harmoniously as possible.

I do think that other people are deliberately trying to prevent me from lowering my stress as a means to ensure that I am easier to control and hence prevent from “thinking outside the box”. My entire life, to me, seems like an ongoing battle to preserve what little autonomy and freedom of thought and freedom of expression I have. Also, being an environmental activist is one of my personal preferences yet it does seem to go against the grain of the societal system which seems to punish my implementation of such preferences (instead of the perpetual delay or fulfilling such preferences). I do not enjoy “having to” borrow the petroleum powered car from my parents after working to be able to afford a bicycle and walking and taking public transportation otherwise. I am borrowing it so that I can get to my dad’s house in time to receive the birth certificate delivery and be there to provide my signature to the UPS delivery system. Perhaps I would have been happier if I decided to not go to work tonight so that I could stay up all night waiting for the UPS truck to arrive at my dad’s house while I wait on the driveway.

I was told by some people that, in order to transition the entire infrastructure of human civilization (especially transportation) from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources such as solar, more petroleum would need to be combusted in order to build that infrastructure. Likewise, taking the petroleum powered Toyota Matrix on a drive from Castro Valley to Fremont and then back to Castro Valley where I intend to leave it to never again retrieve it is a means to the end of maximizing my job security and of establishing an environmentally sustainable and personally affordable commute method long term.

After I get the birth certificate, I will put it in my backpack and walk to the Castro Valley BART station and ride the train to Warm Springs BART station where I will then go to Walmart to purchase a bicycle and then ride that bike to OnTrac where I will go to the office in order to submit my birth certificate to them as part of finalizing my onboarding with the company. After than, I hope and expect to not have to feel that I am being prevented by other people from becoming financially independent from people I am “supposed to be” dependent on.

Perhaps I would have been happiest running away from home, going to a homeless shelter, and using services there to get my documents in order and employment assistance until I get a job. I think that the homelessness services would implore me to settle for a much worse standard of living than what I have now as an OnTrac employee. What I like about my experience at OnTrac is that getting hired, starting work, and getting paid is very fast and straightforward compared to all other jobs I have had. Such jobs are feasible for someone with a bicycle. I was not required to take a drug test nor do any interview. All I had to do was show up to an orienation where I submitted legal documents which establish my citizenship and employment eligibility and then, within 24 hours of that orientation, my job started. The background test apparently happened during orientation and only took about 30 minutes. (At other companies I have applied for jobs at, the background test took at least three days and oftentimes several weeks).

I share this information to suggest that readers who want to get a job but lack experience and other qualifications could find a job doing package handling instead of the more heavily promoted customer service jobs so that those readers do not have to settle for having to interface with the abusive public. I think that there should be a layer of separation between customers and services so that human beings are not treated as pawns to be abused by impatient and inconsiderate customers.

The top image was difficult for me to locate because Instagram seems to be censoring the Instagram account which posted the image depicted in that screenshot from my web browsers. That image helped inspire me to write this blog post (especially the part in which I talk about reincarnation).

(Only the mobile Instagram application (and not the Instagram website in “Desktop” mode) seems to allow me to look up my likes. That is the only way I could locate the two memes I wanted to include in this blog post).

The bottom image is congruent with the themes of my blog: how government tends to suppress the use of psychedelics (and other mind-opening endeavors) and how citizens must defy government in order to acquire such things (which I think is a good example of committing legal crimes for reasons which are deemed to be ethical by the committer of those crimes).

(I am choosing to believe that most cops are on my side but are strongly pressured by societal influences (and perhaps physiological override of their nervous systems) to act as though they oppose my “hippie” endeavors (because those cops presumably know that I am working for everyone’s welfare and for the advancement of human civilization rather than to the detriment of humanity)).

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