To Whom It May Concern:

The author of this website is also the author of two more websites. Each of those three websites constitutes a pyramid-like structure which functions as a database for storing and showcasing to the public the author’s most cherished information (i.e. memories, ideas, and cultural artifacts) in a digital (and therefore verbatim translatable) format.

(Note that each one of the web pages which comprises that pyramid-like structure has been saved by the author to the WayBack Machine at Archive dot Org at least one time. Any person is invited to explore WayBack Machine saved versions of each one of those web pages at Archive dot Org using the calendar interface which displays up to ten saves per day of exactly one web page address).

The primary website within that cluster of websites is Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com. The primary website is intended to showcase the author’s most cherished examples of intellectual property. Compared to other web pages within that cluster of websites, each of the web pages within the primary website is refined to be as succinct, timeless, aesthetically pleasing, logical, and philosophically relevant to the author as possible.

(The web pages which comprise the secondary and tertiary websites within that cluster of websites are still considered to be examples of intellectual property which the author cherishes. Otherwise, those web pages would not be included in their constituent websites).

Page six of this website depicts a copy of the entire primary website as it currently stands.

(Note that the hyperlinks which are displayed on the copied web pages (except for the copied home page) were not altered. Hence, web pages which were copied from the primary website which contain hyperlinks which link to other web pages within the primary website only point to the original linked web page and not the copied version of that web page).


Karlina Ray Beringer (@karbytes)

This web page was last updated on 08_OCTOBER_2022. The content displayed on this web page is licensed as PUBLIC_DOMAIN intellectual property.