I saw this cartoon on Instagram a few weeks ago and thought it was intriguing morbid and well done. While riding BART today to cool off from the heat, I was thinking about that cartoon and wondering how the little girl transformed from a human to an anthropomorphic plant. I imagined that the human died after being impacted by dirt (or possibly suffocating) and then she was instantly reincarnated as a flower with human level consciousness (as a seamless continuation of where her human self ended) and with the capacity to see and to scream.

Unrelated is the thought (which I recall having the night I did 7 grams of magic mushrooms at the dead children’s memorial west of Lake Chabot Regional Park overlooking San Leandro, California) was the idea that humans do not exist and that humans are really virtual entities dreamed up by fungi which are at least as sentient as humans. To be clear, what I mean to suggest is that it was being suggested to me during that shroom trip that the human I am is less real than the fungi which are dreaming me up and experiencing my life through my first-person subjective reality tunnel.

These are just some interesting and weird thoughts I thought were useful to include in this website (i.e. the website whose domain name is phonetically worded as Karbytes For Life Blog dot WordPress dot Com).

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