S: “Raising every person’s standard of living would solve all of humanity’s problems.”

T: “Not necessarily. The problem of humans feeling bored by having no practical problems to solve would still exist.”

R: “Problems exist at every stage of complexity. Hence, humans will always have problems to solve. That will keep them eternally busy.”

T: “A person who is confined to a prison cell which is twelve feet in length, width, and height for life (yet have sufficient food, water, and medical upkeep) would be faced with the problem of how to entertain itself. That person would have to select exactly one of potentially infinitely many possible thoughts to think about at the beginning of each minute.”

R: “Suppose that person is not allowed to follow any one of its thoughts for more than approximately five seconds because mind control technologies would bombard that person’s attention span with jarring, antagonistic, and intentionally thought-stopping messages. That person would not be able to select which stimuli fill its attention span.”

T: “The person R describes has a problem to solve: constantly introspecting to see whether or not anything other than what is currently being experienced by that person exists. Being able to imagine what is not presently seen, heard, or felt as tangible objects is akin to being God; being able to think new objects into existence such that those objects are tangible enough to distinguish from pure nothingness by the beholder of those objects.”

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