06_SEPTEMBER_2022: To Whom It May Concern:

I intend to do the following (unless I decide that doing so is not conducive to me accomplishing the goals which I prioritize most):

1. Never ask specific persons for money (but graciously take monetary donations if they are offered).

2. As little as necessary, steal food and other household items from grocery stores other than Whole Foods if lacking sufficient funds to purchase them. (Based on what the author has experienced, if a person is caught committing petty theft, that person will be incarcerated for no more than one day and have to make an appointment with the police station to retrieve confiscated belongings such as backpacks and to attend court on the matter several weeks after the petty theft conviction was determined to have occurred).

3. Prioritize personal websites and personal business (i.e. Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com) over working for an employer (but always have or else look for jobs which support the lifestyle endorsed by Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com).

4. Intervene in other people’s lives as little as necessary. Speak as little as necessary. Be as self sufficient and solitary as possible. Be calm and content unconditionally.

5. Always seek truth and raising awareness levels. Promote innovation, optimism, non interventionism, non censorship, and sustainable practices. Adhere to a vegan diet as much as possible. Minimize reliance on fossil fuels combustion as much as possible.


Karlina Ray Beringer (@karbytes)

* * *

09_SEPTEMBER_2022: Rather than steal food and household items from stores, I will go to a homeless shelter or some other facility which provides resources to the homeless.

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