04_SEPTEMBER_2022: My life is effectively over now that I expect my future to not be any more enjoyable to me than the present or past has been. Here is why:

1. I am unable to escape being harassed by depression-mongering and intelligence-suppressing auditory harassment which is transmitted to my skull from law enforcement through wireless electromagnetic signals. The harassment is so disruptive that I can hardly follow a single original thought I have for more than five seconds.

2. As a consequence of the psychotronic harassment I described above, I am not allowed to “show off” my skills, knowledge, and wellness so that I end up spending the rest of my life doing little other than going to a job which is a fast food restaurant quality job and passively waiting for time to pass while doing activities which hardly require any brain power or sense of individuality.

3. I am basically not allowed to have hobbies. I am not even allowed to practice mindfulness meditation. The words I speak, think, and write are assumed to not be my own original work. Instead, the words which appear to be coming from me are assumed to be implanted from the outside in by governmental interference. Hence, I am effectively mute.

4. I am not allowed to receive a high enough income to rent my own apartment nor to afford much other than basic necessities. That is to prevent me from enjoying a standard of living which is not impoverished, adversity laden, and deprived of most of the things I used to enjoy and used to believe I would never be deprived of.

I am being told (implicitly and explicitly) by the government that I am not ready to get a job yet I am being told that I need a job in order to not be severely depressed. I think that the government wants to force me to be unemployed and severely depressed so that I get used to being treated as though I am nothing but an unwanted burden to society who is only allowed to do what other people tell me to and to be sacrificed for other people’s benefit. People seem to benefit from me being forced to live in an almost comatose state because that keeps the people from being distracted by me doing things which might make other people want more out of life. Rather than inspire people to pursue grand endeavors, I am being forced to promote people doing little more than the bare minimum to subsist at the poverty level.

What I think I am being coerced into doing is minimizing how much I take up space in other people’s attention spans (and even in my own attention span). To elaborate, I think I am being coerced into sleeping as much as possible and making myself as cheap to maintain as possible so that my economic impact is so negligibly small that I appear to be dead (and perhaps never born).

I will not set goals anymore. I will just be quietly grateful for what little I am allowed to accomplish and what little pleasure I am able to experience. I expect to be more unhappy than unhappy for now on. I expect that, eventually, all traces of me (including the web pages I published and backed up to the Internet Archive) will disappear (and it will appear as though I never existed). That is to prevent certain people from feeling threatened that I am here to compete with them in the work place, in academia, or in the arts. That is also to prevent those people from feeling threatened by me having more fun than they are and/or fun without them (and I am thinking that AJP is one of those people I am being coerced into playing dead for).

Oh well! The rhetoric I am “supposed to” promote is accepting the impermanence of all phenomenal things. Eventually, the universe I live in is expected to expand so quickly that all the matter within it will be ripped apart and transformed into pure energy. (See heat death of the universe for details). Rather than fret about losing what one cares about to entropy, one is commanded to not feel very attached to anything it cares about and to expect those things to eventually get destroyed. If one wants to be logical and scientifically accurate, one is implored to dismiss free will as an illusion and to accept that one has zero choice over what transpires and to just, as non dramatically as possible, put up with whatever is (whether it is pleasurable, painful, or else neither pleasurable nor painful).

There is nothing to show off. There is no one to show off to. Everyone is too busy getting raped, ravished, and thrown around like a rag doll by the universe to do much other than quietly cope with inescapable (and sometimes excruciating) suffering. People are here to provide companionship and assistance to each other if that is what they are commanded by the universe to do. People have nothing better than what they are currently experiencing and have experienced in the past to look forward to. This is the wall where human evolution and technological advancement stops. Humans will never escape being dependent on fossil fuels and ecologically sustainable practices. Humans will never colonize any other planet except for Earth. The end of humanity is near. Humans have nothing to do but wait for things to happen while doing their best to stay employed, minimally healthy, on civil terms with friends and family, and minimally pacified via cheap entertainment. Do not spend your time trying to influence the world outside your house, workplace, and home town (and do not expect to leave a legacy which lasts for more than 100 years after you die unless that legacy is the passing on of genes to offspring (and the human species is expected to go extinct due to environmental degradation and warfare within the next 300 years (which means that your genetic lineage will not extend for more than three generations after you give birth to your heirs))).

Was this article intended to be satire? Perhaps. Perhaps not. That is all the author has to say.

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