Finally, after much deliberation, the 2022 starter pack version of Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com is complete! The web pages of that website which were updated during the past 24 hours are KNOWLEDGE and WORD_COUNTER. I may add more web pages to that website before the end of the year, but if I do, I will create a separate GitHub repository for those new pages (and the new content for Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com will not be constrained to a particular deadline. I only really “needed” a deadline for the start of that website because what I consider to be the start of that website might as well be the final state of that website if I die before the end of the year. I will also try backing up each component of that website (and this website (i.e. Karbytes For Life Blog Dot WordPress dot Com) before the end of this year)). The GitHub repository which contains the content pertaining to the first 26 pages of Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com (including the START_PAGE) is now considered to be in its finalized state (and a zip file is available to download all the the contents of that GitHub repository using the hyperlinks below).

This repository contains all the web page files, software engineering tutorial code files, media files, and screenshot images which comprises the website named Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com on 15_DECEMBER_2022.

zip_file_(GitHub): https://github.com/karlinarayberinger/karlina_object_2022_starter_pack/releases/tag/karlina_object_2022_starter_pack_15_DECEMBER_2022

zip_file_(Internet_Archive): https://archive.org/details/karlina_object_2022_starter_pack-karlina_object_2022_starter_pack_15_DECEMBER_2022

image_link: https://github.com/karlinarayberinger/KARBYTES_JOURNAL_2022_PART_16D/blob/main/minds_karbytes_15_december_2022_part_0.png

This web page was last updated on 15_DECEMBER_2022. The content displayed on this web page is licensed as PUBLIC_DOMAIN intellectual property.