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05_SEPTEMBER_2022: 02_SEPTEMBER_2022: The following caricatures depict the voices which I think were transmitted via microwave auditory effect to my cochlea from the police when the police (or whoever those people are) wanted to deprive me of the ability to enjoy my otherwise peaceful, quiet, and comfortable camping spot. I think that Denica and Dan represent people who think that I should be deprived of the right to practice mindfulness meditation and to be relatively “off the grid”. I think that such people prefer that I not have the chance to develop equanimity and contentment with what is so that I end up rashly spending all my time and money on temporary and ineffective fixes to make me appear to be busy, stressed, and deprived of what I want and would otherwise easily have. Such people want me to stay indoors and watch trashy television, gossip about people, eat junk food, not care about the environment, and be too preoccupied with having little kids and/or high conflict people to deal with to be the modern monk and solitary traveler and intellectual I want to be.

Denica talks in a soft sing-song voice (in a taunting “nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah” tone) and intersperses her speech with soft whimpers (while hooting or making “eeee” sounds), long drawn out coos (also while hooting), annoyed rhetorical questions, annoyed phrases, and whispering angrily. She sounds similar to Boo Boo, especially how she pronounces “r” as “w” and how she otherwise talks in a childish and dawdling manner. Denica also tends to raise the pitch of her voice and talks in a more frantic manner when she thinks she is getting my heart rate to go up as a result of her saying things which emotionally “trigger” me.

Sometimes, Denica whispers while sounding as though she is shouting at the top of her lungs something angry. When she does that, she moves her mouth slowly and makes a voiceless breathy sound which I imagine looks like what a person does when it intentionally fogs up a mirror using the condensed moisture of its breath. When she does that, she sounds like a donkey going “he-ha” repeatedly because she sounds like she is yelling or bawling repetitively and in an out of control manner all while whisper shouting (like a colicky baby).

Don talks less than 25% of the time and is not as annoying and clingy sounding. Don talks in a bellowing voice which sounds like a teenage male human. He sides with Denica and acts as her body guard. At times he hoots and hollers boastfully like a silver back gorilla defending his territory and harem. To annoy me, he honks his car horn multiple times, revs the engine of his gasoline powered car while the car is parked, and turns his headlights on full blast and facing me as I walk up the road so that I feel harassed. While Don talks in a booming territorial voice, his girlfriend Denica makes plaintive baby noises and in a whiny flirty manner.

Denica and Don are here to make sure people like me are not allowed to exist. They are here to make sure that no one gets to live outside as freely as I feel I deserve to and insist on doing. I am not technically homeless because I still live with my parents (and their houses are within walking distance of where I camp (and where I camp is where I spent a lot of my childhood growing up)). I feel indigenous to this area and, to me, this area is a sacred and cherished space. That does not mean I only stay here. It’s just the place I call home. Other people pass through here, but almost no one has harassed me. As far as I can tell, I am generally not a nuisance to anyone.

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