The following two notes were made on my phone (by using Gmail to email myself those notes) earlier this evening. They are relevant to my goal to spread my favorite memes across the Internet inside of at least one space-time continuum which is unconditionally retrievable by beings who attain a sufficiently high degree of consciousness (which may be afforded by the passage of death and psychedelic drug usage and by using simulated augmented reality hardware and software.

Not driving a car while most other humans do and while billions do each day does not make a significant difference towards saving the environment. To keep myself rationally optimistic about the future, I tell myself that eventually all the scientific research and technological development humans have been working on will yield scalable solutions to virtually all of humanity’s problems such that all human individuals will be able to enjoy what I think is a minimally decent standard of living. I consider my role within human civilization to be a single person Internet empire and public domain media outlet which helps to consolidate the best informational resources I can procure and make them as universally accessible and what I consider to be as aesthetically pleasing, logically sound, and useful for solving humanity’s problems as possible. In January 2023 I tentatively plan to apply for warehouse jobs (especially in the cannabis industry) so that I have a means to earn money to fund my Internet based empire’s maintenance and expansion and curation while minimizing how much I interface with the general public face-to-face because, as a high functioning autistic, socialization tends to be unsatisfying for me unless I am socializing with people I consider to be sufficiently like minded. To some people, my refusal to work as a customer service “agent” in a retail setting is “cheating” in a game where most people are conned into spending what I think is too much of their precious cognitive resources on shallow and sycophantic interpersonal exchanges. So be it! I am admittedly a selfish hedonist (just like all the other humans are). I would rather be direct and blunt and unambiguous and honest when expressing my personal beliefs, preferences, and intentions. Thank you for your time and attention.

Ethics (prose page name: ETHICS)

A corollary to CAUSALITY.

survival of the stable

cumulative adaptations



hedonism (heuristic (algorithm (process of elimination)))

split universe (many world’s hypothesis (MULTIVERSE))

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