While in Oakland last night and driving down International Boulevard, I saw several female prostitutes. Two of them had light-up stilettos which changed colors. I was thinking about how I might be obliged to support the sex work industry (which I do) and to not denigrate people for choosing that trade instead of trades which I would prefer. Not everyone is like me. Hence, you go girl! If you are a prostitute, I hope you have fun and stay safe. I condone your right to practice your trade and to be treated with respect (whether prostitution is legal in your area or not). I just do not want to pay for your services nor take you in as my dependent. Also, I do not want to be a prostitute.

quora_link: https://www.quora.com/Why-do-people-become-prostitutes

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student_newspaper_article_link: https://thepioneeronline.com/14962/features/a-life-of-prostitution-in-oakland/

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