10_DECEMBER_2022: I meant to suggest that the only place humans should be driving cars is in a “go-cart” arena or something similar while robots take over 100% of piloting vehicles used to transport humans and cargo across inter-city and intra-city roadways because human driver’s would almost certainly impede the flow of traffic while robot driver’s would be in sync with each other and calibrated to take the most fuel-efficient paths and be aware of every other car on the road using the interoperability of a global Internet of Things.

Then again, because many humans enjoy driving cars, flying planes, and manually controlling other types of motorized vehicles (including drones), robots may need to share the commuter spaces with human vehicle operators (e.g. such that approximately 30% of all inter-city and intra-city vehicle traffic is humans driving a vehicle with robot override while 70% of all inter-city and intra-city vehicle traffic is piloted by robots and not by humans). As artificial intelligence individually and collectively becomes more effective at minimizing travel costs and minimizing vehicle collisions, I think that the system will be able to adapt to the percentage of vehicle drivers being being humans instead of robots being any number between 0% and 100% (so long as each vehicle in that system has built-in robot override potential to compensate for human error when human error is predicted by the system to be about to occur within 30 seconds of occurring).

* * *

10_DECEMBER_2022: Public Service Announcement: within the next 5 years, I hope and expect that all cars will be required to have built-in artificial intelligence override such that the car can (a) lock the human driver and passengers inside of it, (b) take over controlling the speed and direction in which the car is traveling, and (c) record and send surveillance data to the Internet of Things such that those humans are rendered mere specimens in a technocratic laboratory.

(There will be no more need for arrogant and/or ignorant human drivers slowing down technological progress and unnecessarily endangering human lives by insisting on continuing to do what an artificial intelligence can do orders of magnitude more efficiently, safely, and cheaply).

(I would like to add that cars should be publicly owned in addition to privately owned cars with the features stated in the yellow highlighted paragraph).

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