To Whom It May Concern:

Perhaps the reason I do not seem to be getting any donations through my websites nor any site visitors other than myself is because law enforcement and/or hackers “shadow banned” my websites so that I would be deprived of “narcissistic supply” and the right to profit from investing in my creative endeavors (unless those endeavors are about serving other people more than serving myself).

To avoid being redundant, to avoid looking bad, and to avoid inconveniencing other people, I will do my best to, for now on, not complain about any hardships which I may be going through and to, instead, only report facts which seem relevant for keeping myself alive and for minimizing every person’s inconvenience (in addition to what I am stating in the next paragraph).

As self indulgent and inviting of punishment as this sounds, I intend to continue developing my hobby website named Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com and “showing off” my academic, artistic, and and survival/fitness related expertise on my social media and personal websites. I know some people are likely going to be pissed at me for continuing to “show off” when I am “supposed to” be refraining from showing off to, instead, stay mostly offline and busy doing community service. I accept that I might get punished as a consequence of continuing to “show off”.

Thank you for your understanding and mercy if it is offered.



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