P: “We need to impose a maximum number of hours per day and per week which a person is allowed to study computer science in order to prevent those who do not have jobs, families, and other responsibilities and hardships from getting ahead of those who do.”

P: “That is not enough. We need to make sure that people of color, people who are poor, and women are given priority when it comes to grant money to pay for school and when it comes to getting selected for a job and when it comes to getting a promotion at work. Karlina is too much of a white male who grew up in affluence and who had a lot more science, technology, engineering, and mathematics than the average student at our university. Therefore, Karlina should only be allowed to study for ten hours per week (such that Karlina’s computers will automatically shut down when Karlina uses up its allotted hours for the week or day and, if Karlina gets cheeky, the school has the authority to hack Karlina’s personal computer with permanently disabling viruses such that Karlina is forced to depend on school issued computers which require that Karlina wait in line and have lowest priority in that line to use a school issued computer (even if that means that Karlina is forced to retake classes due to having insufficient equipment needed to pass classes). That is to teach Karlina’s family a lesson that they are obliged to cover Karlina’s tuition and that the school is biased towards making things much more hospitable and accessible and easy for minorities.”

P: “Companies need to fire their best employees if they are white male so that people of color and women can fill those roles even if that undermines the company’s success and causes it to go bankrupt. In order to move one step forward, society sometimes has to take two steps backwards. Some people will have to be deprived of a good education and career in order help level the playing field for those who would otherwise not get such an opportunity.”

karbytes: “If this is how fucked up the system is, I would rather just drop out of school and stick to computer programming as a hobby.”

P: “We do not want you to be able to enjoy such a hobby. Hence, we will prevent you from being able to study and sabotage your equipment so that you are forced to take a menial labor job instead. That will teach you to be more humble and indebted to those you act racist and sexist and otherwise elitist towards.”

karbytes: “I don’t want to live anymore.”

P: “Now you are being detained under a 51:50 for expressing suicidal ideation. You will be sent to a mental hospital and not be allowed to leave until you are ready to accept your new role as a community service employee who has almost no say over its life because you have been deemed by the system to be too mentally unstable (and formerly affluent) to be deserving of more freedom than that.”

* * *

In real life while I was attending California State University East Bay, several of my personal laptops were hacked while I was using the school Wi-Fi in the school library (which makes me think that the school approved of me being singled out to have my laptop destroyed as punishment for not exuding a more “politically correct” attitude and perhaps because I was randomly selected to be the token white scapegoat to be the victim of “reverse racism'”as a means to help racial minorities feel less disenfranchised and marginalized in comparison).

As elitist as this sounds, I prefer to think of myself and to present myself as a white male who has always had a lifelong passionate interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and someone who loves computer science because it is a hybrid discipline which combines physics, mathematics, English writing, and philosophy in a manner which satiates my intellect. It is something I would do for free because it makes me happier more than almost anything. It is what I most live for. I do not want to associate with people who I think need an excessive amount of coddling, favoritist treatment, and infantilization because they dumb down the curriculum and seem to lack the intrinsic motivation to study these disciplines (and I think that those who are paid the most in these disciplines and those who earn the highest grades in these disciplines are probably those who put in the most hours studying this shit; not people who get knocked up and spend too much time partying and working at jobs which discourage studying STEM in favor of sociology and business. I hate the idea of being forced by “minorities” to limit my studying so that they can get a “head start” and be given special accommodation such that the system is not exactly a real meritocracy, but instead, a favoritist politics oriented enterprise). I am not interested in being a teacher either. I would rather be a lifelong student who shares its notes online for anyone who is interested and self motivated enough to make use of my notes and whatever other resources are available for free or for a low cost and who do not need to be given “special treatment” and who do not demand that I be held back so that they feel less lame, lazy, and disadvantaged.

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