To Whom It May Concern:

In order to minimize redundancy and to maximize salience in future blog post content which I publish on this website, I promise to do my best to not talk about the “entities” which have been harassing me via what I hypothesize is microwave auditory effect and subvocal recognition technology and to not talk about what I think are relatively mundane details about my life except for occasional milestones such as “first paycheck from new job” and such. I will do my best to keep sharing personal details about my life and about other people I know to a bare minimum and do my best to restrict what I publish for now on to dry academic and artistic subject matter such as computer programming, epistemology, anecdotes about my personal experience which I think are especially interesting and meaningful, and logistical milestones.

Starting in the year 2023, I intend to publish no more than one journal entry web page (i.e. blog post) on this website per week.

(Note also that web pages whose HTML source code and constituent media files have already been compressed into a GitHub release zip file and uploaded to my library at the Internet Archive are not to be altered. Hence, there may be syntax errors, semantic errors, and other “errors” in content which I have published and classified as “finalized”).



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