The Quanta Magazine article which I shared on my Twitter and Minds feeds today outlines categorizations of computational complexity which pertain to both classical and quantum computers for solving various problems. As a computer science major, I thought that I should be including more content like this in my social media feeds. (Another good academic reference I have featured in in this website is a free online textbook which is about introductory quantum mechanics which is featured in journal entry # 395 in the Karbytes Journal 2022 section of this Karbytes For Life Blog dot WordPress dot Com. I will feature the link to that textbook again in this journal in the paragraph below this one).

text_book_link: http://hep.fcfm.buap.mx/cursos/2019/FM/QuantumMechanics-McIntyre.pdf

image_link: https://github.com/karlinarayberinger/KARBYTES_JOURNAL_2022_PART_16D/blob/main/twitter_karbytes_07_december_2022_part_0.png

image_link: https://github.com/karlinarayberinger/KARBYTES_JOURNAL_2022_PART_16D/blob/main/minds_karbytes_07_december_2022_part_0.png

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