To Whom It May Concern:

I am grateful to be alive (and human) and I think that humans are amazing and deserve my appreciation and kindness. I saw the clouds rising from the valleys today beneath a clear blue sky and amidst bright green sprigs of new grass covering the soil. I live to experience such beauty and I wish for there to be infinitely more beautiful experiences which inspire and delight me in my future. (I do not exactly accept that I am almost certainly going to die, but I do live as though I will die much sooner than I want to so that I appreciate my life while it lasts as much as possible).

I do not think I have a real disability. In fact, I think I am the opposite of disabled. I am lazy and inexperienced in many ways. I also tend to be perfectionistic, rigid with my expectations, and I tend to worry more than I think is necessary.

I am not going to limit my job search to only “behind the scenes” jobs. I will try to keep an open mind and continue trying to look for a job doing cashiering at some local store which I do not have to drive to if possible. Also, I will not demand that my primary website be up to date be a specific deadline. I’ll try to be more relaxed about it so that updating my website is not so stressful. I do not have to wait until the first 26 pages of that website are up to date before I look for a job. In fact, I think I will feel more secure if I get a job as soon as possible so that I am no longer solely reliant on my parents for money.



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