P: “Worst Case Scenario would be that all humans prefer to be men and no more humans want to be women and each adult human with XX chromosomes opts for testosterone and perhaps even surgery to physically resemble and to internally feel more like men than women.”

karbytes: “Why would that be a bad thing? Depending on how extensively a female-to-male transsexual alters its body, that female-to-male transsexual may still be able to get pregnant, give birth, and breast feed infants (and many female-to-male transsexuals have gotten pregnant, given birth, and breast fed infants post-transition (but in order to do those things, one needs to at least temporarily abstain from taking testosterone).”

P: “What I meant to imply by Worst Case Scenario is that not a single one of those female-to-male transsexuals would want to cease taking testosterone (which means no humans are willfully giving birth to human infants).”

karbytes: “What’s wrong with that?”

P: “What’s wrong with that is that, unless a sufficiently high number of female-bodied humans who have in-tact uteruses are detained, raped, and forced to give birth to a sufficiently high number of live human infants, the human species will go extinct.”

karbytes: “Rather than force humans to give birth to human infants, humans could invent artificial wombs which incubate human embryos which are created in laboratories from human-sourced or else computer-generated stem cells and genomes and, once the infants are mature enough to exit the incubator, they can be raised in facilities which outsource as much of the child care labor as possible to machines while professionally-trained human volunteers or paid human staff can oversee the development of those children.”

P: “Humans generally are not interested in caring for children other than their own biological offspring. I doubt there will be enough humans who voluntarily want to participate in such an enterprise. We might as well detain, forcibly inseminate, and force female-bodied humans to give birth to offspring which those female-bodied humans will be primarily responsible and legally obligated to raise until those children reach the age of legal adulthood.”

karbytes: “I think that forcing people to become parents against their will is likely going to cause those parents to resent their parental role to the extent that those parents will shirk their responsibilities and maybe even neglect or abuse their offspring. As a consequence of poor parenting, those offspring will likely become burdens for society to have to manage because those offspring will likely have serious health problems and mental trauma which makes those offspring likely to become violent criminals (or at least dysfunctional, miserable, bums on the street).”

P: “Are you suggesting we just let the human species go extinct?”

karbytes: “Not necessarily. Even if no more humans give birth to human infants, the humans which currently exist can try to extend their lifespans and physical and mental faculties for as long as possible. Replacement body parts can be grown from a patient’s own stem cells and grafted into that person’s body if the body part being replaced becomes diseased or otherwise damaged beyond repair. Given such technology, a human lifespan can be extended for an indefinitely long period of time (and even if every existing human individual eventually dies, humanity at least got to advance as far as it did without having to rape people nor force people to be raised in hellish circumstances in which they are neglected, abused, and regarded as burdens to society because their parents did not want to give birth to them).”

P: “I’m not okay with the current humans who exist being the last humans who exist. Those who exist already are no longer blank slates who I can easily imprint my indoctrination onto. Babies and young children are much easier to brainwash than are older humans. I want more of human society to be programmed with hard-to-remove mental software which makes those humans more similar to me in terms of ideology and conduct. Right now, not enough human beings are acceptable to me. So rather than try in vain to coerce older humans into conforming to my ideals, I would rather make people give birth to children who can more easily be programmed to be what I consider to be acceptable citizens (who will have a very hard time altering their early childhood conditioning even as they enter adulthood and old age).”

karbytes: “It sounds like you want to be surrounded by people who are ideologically and culturally homogeneous (and people who seem rather infantile and anti-intellectual and pro-rape).”

P: “It sounds like you want to be surrounded by people who are snobby, elitist, and over-educated and not easy to control nor to exploit for my ends. I think it’s bad for humans to be so free, independent, and happy. I would rather people be burdened with having to raise offspring and deal with delinquents who grew up in adverse circumstances because such a burden (if normalized and widespread) keeps mainstream society mired together in a common struggle. Without such a commonplace struggle, people would likely not be motivated to socialize with people who do not share their personal interests. Forcing people to live in inescapable hardship, poverty, codependency, and dogmatic cultural indoctrination which uses fear tactics to keep people from deviating from such cultural indoctrination is the best way to ensure than people from diverse backgrounds are forced to mingle and to work together rather than isolate themselves from each other. It also keeps everyone relegated to the same income bracket and range of employment options so that there is no gap between rich and poor and no gap between educated and uneducated because almost everyone will be part of a ‘working class’ family where adult members of the household either specialize in child care, elder care, or sick person care (i.e. female-dominant jobs) or else in construction, manufacturing, research and development, marketing, logistics, and military (i.e. male-dominant jobs). There will not be much need for education beyond the standard kindergarten to twelfth grade because, after a person graduates high school, that person is expected to get a job and/or start a family with minimal delay (and with no time to consider alternatives to that one-size-fits-all plan for the adult human lifespan). In my ideal world, humans would not expect to live for longer than 80 years a piece (which means that humans will not have much of an incentive nor the means to do much more than support a family and/or work at a job which requires only a minimal amount of education). I do not want human adults getting to remain single and to be so self indulgent as to pursue academics and interests which are not about supporting ‘working class’ families. Such ‘kidults’ (like you) seem to have more free time and more money to spend on self indulgence than the rest of us. That is not okay!”

karbytes: “As long as I am not bothering people and I am nice to people, what’s wrong with me being a ‘kidult’ as you describe?”

P: “It’s not enough to stay out of people’s way while being nice to people when you do cross paths with them. It’s simply not fair if you have more free time, more disposable income, and more options for how to spend your free time than the rest of us. It’s not okay because it makes us feel jealous and deprived of the kinds of luxuries you get to indulge in which we cannot afford.”

karbytes: “Do you want everyone to be too poor, too deprived of free time, and too stressed out to live longer than 80 years and to get more accomplished in one year than a ‘kidult’ would?”

P: “Yes. I don’t think life is about having as much fun as possible and maximizing individual accomplishments. I think human life is about caring for other humans. Humans need to forced to live together and to share material commodities and to take turns doing the household chores and to have no time off to be more indulged than that. That prevents people from being spoiled rather than compliant, obedient, and ready to serve the community on demand without hesitation and without resistance and without questioning.”

karbytes: “Do you care about saving the environment?”

P: “Listen, I don’t really care about the environment. I don’t care if humans go extinct within the next 300 years. What matters is that no human being gets to have a better life than I want them to have at any point in human history. I want to make sure every human is forced to be some kind of slave to a society which places ‘working class families’ at the center of existence because that means that everyone is forced to have the same standard of living as everyone else (where everyone is appropriately miserable and united in a common ‘misery loves company’ ethic). Because I have suffered and had to make sacrifices, I want everyone else to have to suffer at least as much as I did. I do not want people having more fun than I have and I do not want people suffering less than I have. What I want is fairness, equality, and uniformity. What I condone is humility; not being exceptionally smart nor talented. What I condone is suffering to earn one’s keep; not getting nice things for free. Hardship makes people mature, selfless, hard-working, responsible, and feel like a part of something greater than just themselves. Without such hardship, people are selfish, lazy, isolationist bums I would rather not have to coexist with.”

karbytes: “So even if I mind my own business and try not to cross paths with you, you still have a problem with me living in a manner which differs from how you think I ought to live?”

P: “Of course! I don’t want you having any privacy for that reason. I want to make sure no one gets to escape the prison society I want everyone to have to live inside of and die inside of. I want people to not be so materialistic, spoiled, and educated as you are. I want people to be more grateful, easily amused, humble, and low maintenance than you. I want people to not try to extend their lifespans beyond 80 years because that ensures that the death rate will be high enough to keep the demand for the birth rate to be at least as high (and if overpopulation occurs as a result of too many humans competing for too little physical resources, I think competition and war is good for humanity because it keeps them from getting too comfortable, complacent, and able to focus on things other than survival and adversity).”

karbytes: “Do you condone people committing suicide if they do not want to inhabit your ideal society?”

P: “No! Your life does not belong to you. Your life belongs to your community. You were born to serve your community; not yourself. It is illegal for you to not do what you were made for. (It’s okay if you get murdered in battle because that would be you doing your civic duty as an on-call soldier).”

Later Update: For hours I have been harassed by what sounds to me like a whimpering, whining, petulant, snarky, pouting, petty, high-pitched, neonatal-looking, fussy-sounding, impatient, attention-seeking, lolita-esque, mumbling, cooing, whooping, rapidly whisper-slobbering, softly pig squeal giggling which sounds joyless and panicked, gasping in fake anticipation, inarticulate, attention-deficit, sexed-up, pent-up, reclining, brown-skinned, black-haired, and scantily-clad fat chick lounging in her underwear (via what I think is microwave auditory effect). I do not think it is “fair” to hold her up to the same standards I would hold a man (or even a woman) in my domain of expertise and interest up to. If I did, I am afraid that blubbering whore would be classified as a mentally retarded, lazy, irrational, physically unfit, excessively needy, and aesthetically unpleasing blob of flesh (like an adult-sized infant). So rather than insist that she be more like a man (or even a woman in my domain) I will worship her as a woman; a burgeoning well of Life; a Royal Queen radiating Divine Light and Love; Perfect as She is. I will try not to argue with her nor to ask her to do anything but Be Herself fully as she feels comfortable being. I will treat her like an Angel who can do no wrong. I will not call her irrationality and petulance and lack of innovative aptitude a weakness (because she is not a man (which means that such qualities are not things she should be expected to embody)). No matter how she looks, she is always Beautiful and more intelligent than a puny-minded man like me can ever fathom. She is closer to divinity than I am. Poor thing deserves to live in everlasting Peace, Comfort, and Pleasure away from this wicked world in Heaven where she came from. Until she is whisked away back to Heaven by the Grim Reaper, I will do my best to make her stay on Earth as comfortable for her as possible. Poor thing. I will fetch her more pillows and opiates to keep her propped up and make sure she has all the snacks she wants stocked in the fridge so that she does not have to waddle more than ten feet each day. Never criticize her. That is illegal. Never tell her she is wrong. That is also illegal. Only tell her compliments and words of consolation. Her self esteem is dangerously low so I must be there for her 24 hour a day to console her in case she feels “suicidal” or “empty” as a result of lacking personal accomplishments, worldly experience, and a sense that the future and the past are not necessarily the same. Her brain has been specially adapted for being a woman; not a man. She is not meant to excel in mathematics beyond kindergarten level. Please do not put pressure on her to do more than she was designed by God to do. Amen.

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