It has been raining nonstop since approximately 7AM this morning. After resting in my tent for a few more hours, I got up and walked to Whole Foods Market to get some things to eat. Then I walked to a parking garage to get out of the rain and to not feel so claustrophobic to use my laptop computer to browse the web and make updates to my websites and social media. I tried calling AJP again and saw that he was not picking up (and I was calling him because I wanted to know whether or not he saw the email and text messages I sent him last night in which I shared ‘one last “spam”‘ which was a link to chapter 16D of the Karbytes Journal 2022 section of this website. I almost never get a response when I send him something to read and he seems to only talk to me via phone or email less than once per every two months. I think that is a way for him to avoid having to address the things I want to share with him (i.e. him deploying selective communication to keep our interactions limited only to what he is comfortable with). I might as well “ghost” him and simply not pick up the phone if and when he calls and not respond to his emails nor text messages (and he rarely reaches out to me by any other means besides calling my phone (unless he is using stealth surveillance and stealth manipulation of my electronics and maybe even brain to force me to stay enmeshed in his life and unable to focus on my own life without his meddling)). Whether or not what I said in the previous sentence is true, I feel safest pretending that it is true and that AJP has special government-approved advantages to force me to remain in constant “anonymous” communication with him because AJP works for the government as a hacker and undercover cop. In addition to the previous sentence, my intention is to carry on with my life as though AJP is just a “normal” civilian working as a software engineer and hardly ever interacting with me (so as to not hinder my progress towards being as autonomous and as happy as possible). So I will just “ghost” him without saying goodbye. I suppose I will never know whether or not he gets around to reading the web pages I publish. I doubt he will tell me if he does. Lastly, if he is “wire tapping” my brain and not leaving me alone while he pretends he is otherwise, I will treat him like a parasite only I and a few other people know is taking place “behind the scenes” (because I was incarcerated at a mental hospital for at least one week merely for calling 911 and reporting that I thought my nervous system was being hacked and “wire tapped” and all the other times I tried to tell people about the brain hacking I seem to be the “victim” of, those people were quick to dismiss what I had to say as me suffering a mental illness such as schizophrenia and they suggested that I get psychiatric help).

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