I said a lot of things in this journal which I no longer think are relevant at this time (especially in yesterday’s journal entry). I removed the social media post of the “yin and yang” drawing which I made yesterday from my Minds and Twitter accounts because it deviates too much from the topics I want my social media profiles to focus on exclusively and because I do not like what I said in yesterday’s journal entry about how my drawing insinuated that either “masculinity” (i.e. “yang”) is either superior or else inferior to “femininity” (i.e. “yin”). I do not really think one is better than the other because both seem mostly like arbitrary cultural and abstract concepts and modalities of expression and not as much biological and physiological phenomena. I am glad to have the genotype and phenotype I have. I am also glad to be taking testosterone to enhance my phenotype to be a very masculine female to the extent that I might eventually be “mistaken” for a male human adult. That does not mean I want to get surgery to make my vagina look like a penis. I am glad to have a vagina because if I had a penis I think it would get in my way too much. Also, I like that I have a female body which looks manly because it feels like being a super human. If getting testosterone injections was too inconvenient for me or not legal, I would probably just carry on much like how I currently am. Since getting testosterone injections is fairly accessible for me, I decided to do it because I am more comfortable presenting myself as a man than as a woman because my “soul” feels much more masculine than feminine and it feels less painfully awkward to have a phenotype which matches what my “soul” feels like. I am not doing it to be attractive to other people nearly as much as I am doing it to be attractive to myself. I would even do it on a desert island where I am the only person living there as a lone hermit with the ability to order things and have them drone delivered to my island abode so I can have as much fun as possible (because it is more fun for me to be more physically attractive to myself, physically strong, and brimming with “masculine energy” than otherwise). This is not to denigrate femininity. This is to take advantage of technologies available to enhance one’s quality of life, autonomy, and freedom of personal expression. (I am sorry for ever suggesting that women are not as valuable nor as smart as men are. I do not believe either class of humans is more valuable nor more intelligent than the other. If there seems to be an intelligence gap, I would blame it on societal conditioning and not on innate physiological differences).

One thing I did say in yesterday’s journal which I do heartily condone is this: after this year ends, I intend to update next year’s journal section no more than once per week.

Since this journal chapter is getting very large in terms of data size, I think I should just make this the second to last page of chapter 16C of the Karbytes Journal 2022 section of this website. (The journal entry after this will be a directory web page which will contain some nonnegative integer number of journal entry web pages pertaining to getting “end of the year” tasks completed before 01_JANUARY_2023).

(I unpinned the social media post on my Facebook profile, Twitter profile, and Minds profile which links to chapter 16C of the Karbytes Journal 2022 section of this website. I retweeted/reminded that unpinned post so that it is currently at the top of the list of social media posts on Twitter and Minds. I will pin a post which links to chapter 16D of the Karbytes Journal 2022 section of this website to Twitter and Minds. I decided to delete the Facebook post which links to chapter 16C of the Karbytes Journal 2022 and I no longer intend to add content to my Facebook profile. My Instagram and my Facebook profiles are no longer being updated to feature new or different content. I only log into Instagram and Facebook to read and to comment on other people’s content (and I use Instagram much more often and intensively than I use Facebook)).

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