I suspect that the tyrants who bombard me with messages which I think are transmitted via electromagnetic waves and who apparently decipher what my brain activity is about enough to generate a simulation of what my first-person subjective experience is like want me to conclude that getting some kind of entry level job which requires little more than a high school diploma is the master key to unlock everything in my life which I currently seem to lack access to such as the ability to travel the world, rent hotel rooms, replace and upgrade electronics and survival gear, rent movies to watch, et cetera (and that as long as I depend on my parents for money, I will not be allowed by the tyrants who lord over me using mind-reading and mind-control technology to receive PayPal donations from people other than my parents because the tyrants have absolute nonnegotiable power to override my computer usage).

The year 2023 is when I (tentatively) plan to, at the latest, go into “stealth mode” after going through at least a week of going “off the grid” (i.e. abstain from making social media posts and from adding new web pages from my website and from making any edits to existing website content). “Stealth mode” is my planned ego death phase (and I intend to buy some magic mushrooms with the intention of doing at least one “heroic dose” after my web content is finalized in preparation for the new year). If I have profound enough insights to write about, I will document them but be more careful about how I accumulate digital property so that I do not continue the trend of outputting as high of a volume and as low in salience density as I have been thus far.

After my “stealth mode” activities are complete, I will be especially ready to sell myself as a slave to whatever menial job I end up applying for. That I believe will allow the story of my life to progress to the next chapter; a chapter which I hope and expect to be at least as grand and worth writing about as the phase in which I currently reside.

(After I publish this web page, I will probably add no more than five pages to the Karbytes Journal 2022 section of this website before I close that section and mark it as finalized).

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