27_NOVEMBER_2022: If you seem to only talk to me when it is inconvenient for me to listen because I am trying to focus on my own process with minimal external interference, I do not want to stop what I am doing to try to listen to you (especially if you seem to be talking to mostly waste my time).

27_NOVEMBER_2022: I have a rather pessimistic hypothesis: that most (if not all) human beings are secretively (or not so secretively) immersed in a nonstop and desperate battle to preserve only their own individual selves (even at the expense of their significant others) but while working hard to appear non-threatening to those they secretly are inevitably always fighting over vital and seemingly scarce resources with. “May my thoughts always drown yours out if only one of us is allowed to think,” is my secret mantra. (That is why I do not have friends nor want to enlist people as friends. I would rather keep my interactions with other people to a minimum and keep most of my activities impersonal, autonomous, and solitary). I doubt it is everyone’s mantra because I see how popular it is for humans to voluntarily tune into someone else talking at the expense of being able to introspect and generate original words. Perhaps I value being able to generate and pay attention to my own original thoughts more than the average human being does (and that is why I seem to be at war with the local human population (and the local human population seems to want me to simply shut up, stop moving around, stop being so mentally active, stop being so nonconformist, stop being so serious, and just listen to the thought police and the other bastions of social conformity barrage me with propaganda which will eventually shrink my vocabulary range, memories, and skills/knowledge acquired from college-level studies and jobs so that I turn into an invalid who can hardly aspire to be a cashier so that I am forced to remain an overgrown child for other people to legally harass in public, bully, and exploit for cheap entertainment and market research purposes)).

27_NOVEMBER_2022: Perhaps “they” did not want me to have a bicycle because, unlike a car, it does not provide a backseat for fucking in nor does it advertise that I am available to transport other people and cargo. A bicycle makes me look “too independent” and “too selfish” for other people to want to support and to not hurt. (At the very least, a car seems to be a relatively invulnerable container in which to store supplies which I would rather not have to leave in less secure places nor have to always carry on my person).

27_NOVEMBER_2022: The last two times I attempted to save an updated version of this web page to the WayBack Machine, only older versions of this web page were saved. I think that people are deliberately trying to prevent me from making progress with my personal projects such that I am physically prevented from completing them. Perhaps they are afraid of how much freedom I will feel that I have and be able to utilize once I complete my personal projects for this year.

27_NOVEMBER_2022: What I think is going on is that many people seem to be opposed to me doing any computer programming at all because they think that my job is to serve society by being held back and used as a role model for “working class” people (and that means that I am not supposed to do anything which makes “working class” men feel inferior (and I suppose “working class men” control how fast technological and social progress is made because the “working class man” is America’s most cherished and pandered to audience of consumerist anti-intellectual propaganda; he is the token civilian)).

What I also think is going on is that women are implicitly not allowed to exist unless they live to take care of other people (and women are almost never allowed to leave the house without being accompanied by other adults, children, or a dog and when women do go out, they are not supposed to leave the well-lit, crowded spaces where they are watched at all times so that they cannot sneak off to the bushes to smoke weed, et cetera).

A household with children consumes significantly more money than does a household comprised only of adults. I think that the main reason why people are bullied into having children is to keep the economy flowing by ensuring that there will be huge nonnegotiable expenses to pay (and, unlike most physical property, children cannot be discarded nor neglected without there being serious punitive consequences). Pushing people to have babies whether they want them or not ensures that “working class families” will be too busy merely taking care of themselves (and their children which are basically fleshy parasitic extensions of themselves) to do much else. Such people certainly are prevented from having the free time and discretionary money necessary to engage in intellectual pursuits which could more effectively change society than merely shitting out half-clones and suckling them on cheap dollar store imitation milk.

In green highlighted paragraph below I said that I would quickly back up this chapter of the journal and then prune the journal. I decided against that. I decided that I will continue to add at least five more pages to this journal chapter before marking it as finalized (and I do not plan to remove nor alter any content which I already published in this website if that content pertains to GitHub repositories which have already been marked as finalized (though I might make some edits to the image links so that the image links point to the raw image pages instead of to the GitHub pages which show the images embedded inside of GitHub pages). In green highlighted paragraph below I said that I would quickly back up this chapter of the journal and then prune the journal. I decided against that. I decided that I will continue to add at least five more pages to this journal chapter before marking at as finalized (and I do not plan to remove nor alter any content which I already published in this website if that content pertains to GitHub repositories which have already been marked as finalized (though I might make some edits to the image links so that the image links point to the raw image pages instead of to the GitHub pages which show the images embedded inside of GitHub pages).

(I noticed a lot of little boys (I mean adolescents) on bicycles today; a gang of at least 30 traveling past me. Some of them followed me as I walked to the Whole Foods Market where I am at now and using the store Wi-Fi because my AT&T mobile data just ran out (and I saw approximately 5 of those boys on bicycles riding down the patio ramp outside of Whole Foods (which makes me think they are following me around)). Earlier this year my beloved bicycle was stolen from me and my parents think I should just do without a bicycle. I think that is to prevent me from having fun, having the means to travel cheaply and without hurting the environment with toxic combusted fuels which require that wars be fought and wilderness be pillaged for raw petroleum reserves, and to force me to look and to act like a prostitute for the amusement and comfort of chauvinist pigs who seem to rule the world and have almost everyone else doing their bidding).

(I also notice a lot of people honking their cars at me seemingly in order to prevent me from relaxing and to communicate that I am being scrutinized and bullied into talking about banal subject matter which diminishes my credibility as an intellectual and social nonconformist and which diminishes my desired focus because chauvinists are the moral majority and they want me to be dumbed down for their sake).

(I noticed that people who are at least as smart as me seem to think that the “real” problems of existence are not deliberately human caused and are, instead, “hard” physical limitations (but even those could have workarounds if we keep looking at things from novel angles and performing scientific experiments). What I see taking up more than 90% of humanity’s time are preventable and rather petty interpersonal conflict which I think are not going away because people are too addicted to that pettiness because that pettiness is entertaining, cheap, and easy compared to doing what I think is “real” work. I want to do “real” work, but in order to do so, I seem to have to get punished by other people a lot because other people seem to think that I should postpone doing “real” work and settle for being bogged down by petty ape antics instead).

27_NOVEMBER_2022: I believe that my family of origin and the law enforcement personnel who harass me every minute of every day are opposed to me having a white collar career and prefer that I remain too traumatized and stressed out to do much more than be on strict bed rest and not able to even read a book (while I am forced, instead, to listen to trash talk by people who disapprove of my natural tendency and preference to “think white” (i.e. cerebral, verbose, formal, serious, impersonal) instead of “thinking like a nigger and/or mexican and/or filipina” (i.e. anti-intellectual, base, snarky, patriarchal, status-obsessed, people-obsessed). I think I am being tortured an punished because people in power do not approve of my ideological beliefs and values and because they think I deserve to be punished for failing to comply with their wishes. So much of the Karbytes Journal 2022 section of this website seems “corrupted” by depressing and wasteful content that I am strongly considering backing up the GitHub repository which this journal entry is a part of as a zip file on the Internet Archive and then pruning the Karbytes Journal 2022 section of this website down to the bare minimum.

26_NOVEMBER_2022: Note that the following journal entry is not what the author of this website considers to be “good quality”. It was hastily written mainly for “cathartic release” reasons. The author of this website is trying to minimize the creation of less than “good quality” web pages but may occasionally create less than “good quality” web pages in order to “tie up loose ends” of ongoing narratives which seem to be hogging cognitive resources which the author of this website would prefer to spend on “higher quality” thought processes. The author of this website is trying to graduate from talking about universal basic income, homelessness, and gender issues. The author of this website believes that it has addressed those topics as thoroughly as necessary and that any more elaboration on those topics would be wasteful of computational resources.

In a past journal entry which I wrote within the past week, I mentioned that I identify as being 70% KARL and 30% KARLINA (with the intended implication that KARL represents a masculine personality (and character whom I play the role of) while KARLINA represents a feminine personality (and character whom I play the role of)). In all honesty, I prefer to replace KARLINA with KARBYTES (and KARBYTES represents a genderless personality and rather impersonal and transpeciest character whom I do more than play the role of. KARBYTES seems to be the “kernel” of my soul; the essence of my sense of self).

Related to this is the idea I have which is that femininity is a disability and an adaptation humans acquired through rape-mongering and violence-mongering politics which makes a commodity and virtue out of advertising one’s fragility, docility, weakness, small mindedness, and dependence on someone “more competent” to make up for “her” genetically and culturally acquired inefficiencies and underdeveloped physical and mental fitness. As radical of a notion as this may sound, I would like to promote the idea that, as human civilization becomes more advances and humans perfect the means to alter their bodies using technology and to outsource sexual reproduction of new humans to machines, a human advertising its fertility and complementary feminine phenotypal attributes will no longer be necessary to keeping the human species from going extinct. (I believe that such technology is already capable of being produced and utilized now and the reason it is not (at least according to the general public) is because forcing female bodied humans to euphanize being handicapped solely to sell their “worth” to human civilization as a means to help a man produce heirs and as a trophy for a man to acquire and derive intense, exciting, and intoxicating pleasure from acquiring in a competitive status-oriented game of sexual conquest (and such a setup is “the tried and true way” to keep women from seriously getting to the root of what is wrong with their behavior and expectations and why they never seem to close the gap of some loop before having kids and being forced to die before closing that gap while passing the tradition of not closing the gap as a family heirloom)).

What gap am I talking about? The gap between where a woman wants to be and where she is seems to be a chasm whose length is definitely greater than zero. She seems to never have enough time to seriously pursue personal development goals and cultivating a rigorous and worldly intellect because, as soon as she enters puberty, she is treated like a hot commodity to be auctioned off (by whoever her legal guardians are) to the highest bidder as quickly as possible such that she is locked into a game of romantic courtship and necessarily drama filled interpersonal relationship dynamics which distract her from being able to spend her precious time and energy on seriously pursuing personal development goals and cultivating a rigorous and worldly intellect (because such self-enhancement threatens the man’s position as the smarter and more politically powerful party in that relationship dynamic). The fatal blow to such self enhancement is pregnancy without the means to terminate the pregnancy and without the means to use effective contraception or even to abstain from sexual intercourse. In all instances of women falling pregnant I have seen in writing, the women seem to act as if they always have to worry about becoming pregnant (with the unspoken implication that she is worn down into giving into an aggressive and coercive man’s advances within a patriarchal culture which normalizes such covert bullying and covert slow-motion rape). The best solution I can think of to not being handicapped by socially enforced femininity is to stay single, stay celibate, and even go so far as to take testosterone injections to acquire some of the phenotypal and functional characteristics which only male bodied humans historically have had the means to manifest in themselves.

It has been suggested to me by anti-transgender people that someone “groomed” me to think that I need to disguise myself as a man in order to live a good life. I would like to say that I am taking the testosterone injections, working out, studying the subject that matter to me, doing the most I can to uphold what I think are my basic human rights and to not sacrifice them in order to conform to what I think is a (largely) dysfunctional society, and using whatever gender pronouns and names which suit my preference because I enjoy being on the masculine side of androgynous rather than on the feminine side of androgynous (which means that I would rather be “mistaken” for a man than for a woman even though I am essentially genderless).

Mostly women have stood up to me (but not by being very direct with their intentions and while acting antagonistic, butt-hurt, and passive aggressive as though they are too crippled by fear and environmentally-induced weakness of mind and body to approach me in a more clever, attractive, and solutions-oriented manner) by stalking me in public, standing by and glaring at me, and saying cryptic and ad hominem things to me next to me (but in a manner which looks like them talking to someone else (usually a kid or a dog)). I get the sense that those women feel threatened by the way I think that society has groomed most women to be physically (but especially mentally) weak in order to coax them into staying in their lowly arcane roles as sex slave, birthing cow, and status object of a pet. I found an article today that went so far as to suggest that men are not as smart about cybersecurity as women are even though that article cites that men are more likely than women to use technological means to protect their identities online and that, even though women spend more time on social media than men, the women strive for a smaller audience and tend to be less satisfied with their social media experience (because men tend to promote sharing ideas intended for a global audience instead of just for a close-knit group of sniveling simpletons who are too deprived of free time and future planning opportunities to expand their minds to get into interests which are not about menial chores and basic upkeep of the household).

I am not interested in congratulating women for doing little more than trading in their freedom to be single, manly, and a lot more self indulgent so that they can use the significant others in their life as the excuse for why those women are unable to do much more than settle for being a basic bitch and bitching about it with other basic bitches. If women are an endangered species, then so be it! I would love to see an end to femininity and an uprising of gender-nonconforming people who see femininity for what it is: a costume which might be fun to wear at times but not fun to be forced to wear at all times (and quite crippling to wear in circumstances which do not make sex and partying the epicenter of existence).

Referenced_Article_Link: https://www.forbes.com/sites/kevinmurnane/2016/04/11/how-men-and-women-differ-in-their-approach-to-online-privacy-and-security/


‘…Women tend to spend more time on the internet and use social media for personal reasons more than men. Women are also warier of what they post online and are less likely to equate their social media presence with personal popularity or success. How are these differences reflected in the ways men and women seek to protect their online privacy and security?

Men (66%) were slightly more likely than women (61%) to report having had security problems such as having an account compromised or hacked, or accidentally installing spyware, malware or a virus. Even so, women felt markedly less confident (52%) than men (33%) that they were protected from a range of security problems such as phishing, pharming, or having their bank, computer, or online accounts hacked. While women felt less secure, they were only marginally more likely (68%) than men (65%) to say they would like access to additional layers of online protection.

An interesting difference between the ways men and women act to protect themselves online emerged in the HMA survey. Women tend to rely more on personal means of protection than men. For example, it was noted earlier that women are more careful than men about the personal information they share online. Women (62%) were also more likely than men (49%) to make use of personalized privacy settings. After they experienced a security problem, women (61%) were more likely than men (51%) to make lasting changes in their online behavior in order to protect themselves from future problems.

Men, on the other hand, tend to rely marginally but consistently more on technical means of protection. Men tend to make greater use of VPNs (13% vs. 8% for women), email encryption programs (10% vs. 7%), IP masking sites (10% vs. 5%), password managers (20% vs. 17%), privacy enhancing browser plug-ins (18% vs. 13%) and two-factor authentication (15% vs. 12%).

It may be that men are more confident than women that they are protected online because they tend to rely more heavily on technical means of protection. It may also be that men are more likely to be clueless when it comes to online security…’

That last sentence seems unlikely given the sentence immediately before it. How does having a better technical understanding of a system than my competitor make me more clueless about that system than my competitor? (That’s a rhetorical question. The answer would be: it does not) It goes to show that the women are supposed to need to be lied to more and to be told that they have special mystical abilities which science has not been able to prove exist yet. Few people will be blunt as I am and admit that women have been set back in terms of intellectual revolution and women are just not as competent at historically “male dominant” fields of expertise for that reason (because the women have been lied to and told to play with their dolls and talk about their feelings and how other people feel and how people are supposed to talk and move so as to not hurt feelings while the men get into the real substance which makes life worth living and feelings rather fleeting, trivial, and a waste of time to dwell on). There is no need to tell the ignorant that ignorance is knowledge to make the ignorant feel better. If that makes a woman feel better, she is not exactly mentally healthy in my opinion and neither is she rational enough to be proficient in rigorous disciplines where mathematical and logical reasoning are essential). It should be noted that I am not interested in counseling mentally ill people. I would rather restrict my interpersonal interactions to being with people who share my interests and values and with people who are autonomous enough to manage their own selves without needing to cling onto someone else in order to have a self.

If you are mad at me for how I treat women (like human beings who have either settled for being rendered subhuman slaves to the patriarchy or else relatively liberated beings who have been fortunate enough to escape such spiritual impoverishment), you are suggesting that I should praise women for giving into the patriarchy because that is probably what you condone (because women who are as powerful and free as men dissolves the patriarchy (and if you want the patriarch to stay in tact so that one gender can subjugate the other, my words may come across as threatening to your notion of what a utopia is)). I am not saying that human civilization should be more feminine-centric. I think it should continue to value masculinity over femininity for the reasons I attempted to describe in this blog post.

Lastly, I would like to suggest that women are expected to focus on people instead of on physical things which are not people (and people (A) who focus on other people (B) must be focusing on people (B) who are focused on impersonal physical things in order A to have meaning in life (because the meaning which A experiences comes indirectly from B’s relatively direct interest in the “real world” (and A lacks an interest in the “real world” unless A has an intermediary to be a filter so that A can stay on the “humanities” side while B specializes in being proficient on the “sciences” side))). Women who go directly for the sciences and derive intrinsic pleasure from doing so and while not making a big stink about their personal identity while doing so (such that they effectively can be mistaken for a happy, smart white man) deserve better than to be called women. They deserve to be called scientists, engineers, researchers, et cetera (i.e. professions which are not about hospitality, hand holding, and staying behind with the kids and invalids). I do not see much value in being called a woman. It is the same thing as being called a retarded clown who was bred and raised to humiliate itself for other people’s fetishist amusement (as a distraction from helping humanity transcend the “need” to breed instead of to extend personal development instead of aborting it in order to have kids so that one can “shamelessly” pollute the environment, make excuses for being too time starved and money starved to be excellent at anything other than supporting a family, and miss the chance to discover how immortality may be possible and how other “dimensions” of existence can be “visited” without having to die first).

* * *

Rather than use live animals as target practice when shooting a gun, I would prefer that people only shoot at inanimate targets. Likewise, rather than raise humans to have “juicy” tits and ass and to be relegated to the brothels as sex slaves (or as mothers by default in nests which are festering offspring and the smell of fecal matter and the shrieks of tyrannical idiots in fragile, pudgy bodies), I would rather people only have sex with people who consent to having sex or else masturbate to computer-generated pornography and/or have sex with non-sentient robots (but I do consent to humans having sex with sentient robots if both parties mutually consent to the act). I think technology can solve most if not all of humanity’s problems given enough time to design, build, and test those technological solutions. Arcane practices such as forcing people to stay sheltered from modernity inside of “Amish” communes (or worse) just so that those sheltered people exist as living artifacts and amusements is not ethical (in my opinion).

How much of society is held back because there is a demand for tits and ass? That might be one of the biggest hindrances to human civilization becoming more advanced and outgrowing the sex-obsessed and basic-survival-obsessed stage: the aggressive pushing for women to remain sex objects for men to exploit for a good time and for women to derive “self esteem” from (instead of women doing things which might upset that dynamic of women being in subjugation to men such as writing a good book, climbing a tall mountain, or building and testing a robot exoskeleton which can imbue its wearer with “superhuman” abilities). The obsession with sex also prevents people from having time and energy for more challenging pursuits which would elevate societal standards to be less primeval and more futuristic. Money should not even be a major concern in this day and age. Instead, everyone should have enough money from to live comfortably (but not so much that the person is allowed to buy out all the limited supply of things which most people need before those things can be replenished on the store shelves and warehouses) on a universal basic income such that money is not worried about nor fought over but, instead, studied the way other systems in nature are studied.

* * *

I would like to augment this journal entry with a screenshot of a Reddit post which I read earlier today which sounds like what I imagine my most ardent adversaries would sound like if they were candid. I see such blatant hypocrisy in those words; the idea that a lone adult minding its own business deserves to be punished for taking a nap outside while the poster’s child should be able to act as if that child owns the public space and that the public exists for the child (who has a warm, cozy house to return to) and not for the adult who does not have a home to return to or else does not want to return to. The poster is insinuating that it should be a crime to sit or to lie down or to work on art projects (et cetera) unless one is inside of an enclosure; the spending time immersed in an outdoor environment for days on end alone is a crime; that one should be forced to stay inside of a box so that its notion of space and time does not get too expansive to fit inside the hyper-stressful and “cut off from nature” capitalist matrix.

Reddit_post_link: https://www.reddit.com/r/unpopularopinion/comments/z4dp9m/i_think_the_people_living_on_the_streets_should/

Reddit_post_screenshot_link: https://github.com/karlinarayberinger/KARBYTES_JOURNAL_2022_PART_16C/blob/main/reddit_unpopular_opinion_post_screenshot_26_november_2022.png

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