Later Edit: I failed to mention this very important piece of information in Karbytes 2022 journal entry # 366: for commodities which are in relatively high demand and in relatively low supply, use algorithms whose inputs are many types of relevant personal information about someone signs up to be on a “waiting list” in order to be one of some limited number of recipients who are selected by that algorithm to receive a voucher for that commodity. In other words, rather than give precedence to those who are first to add their names to the waiting list or else whoever the first winners are of some lottery, use a meritocratic preference method which is as unbiased, informed, and efficient as possible.

S: “Being forced to procrastinate is essentially what happens to ‘an extremely goal-oriented person’ who is put in jail or otherwise deliberately prevented by people other than itself from accomplishing its goals in an efficient manner. How is that person supposed to find a sense of meaning in life during the time that person is forced to put up with such circumstances?”

T: “That person could use such circumstances as an opportunity to focus on practicing mindfulness meditation and philosophical self inquiry such that the person develops a deeper appreciation for existence in a way that is not so goal-oriented but perhaps at least as personally meaningful.”

S: “Suppose that person is bombarded with constant distracting noises from microwave auditory effect such that the person is not able to focus on its chosen target of meditation nor introspection for such activities to be productive?”

T: “Such a person is being robbed of the ability to make its time inside that circumstantial jail feel productive to itself. Perhaps that is the intended punishment of whoever decided to put that person into that circumstantial jail. I suppose that person in jail is forced to experience an inescapable real-life horror movie. At the very least, that person gets to be entertained and knowledgeable about a kind of aspect of existence it may not otherwise have had the chance to experience. Though the person might not remember anything of the experience (especially if that person is not allowed to remember anything it experiences while it is in that jail so as to prevent that person from learning and from deriving any kind of value from that experience) of being in that jail, the person at least gets to experience something other than purely nothing.”

S: “If the horrors which that person goes through are sufficiently unpleasant for that person, that person may prefer to experience purely nothing and/or to be dead.”

* * *

I decided to write this little journal entry while working on some object oriented C++ programs because I noticed a disappointing pattern in my experiences: whenever I make even a modicum of solid progress towards my personal goals (or even experience what I think is a solid bout of genuine rapture), I noticed that other people seem to implicitly demand that I suffer as “payment” for being able to have that personal fulfillment I supposedly (according to those people) do not deserve to enjoy (and the amount of suffering they seem to demand I experience as “payment” seems to more than cancel out the enjoyment that suffering seems required to pay for).

This is related to my hypothesis that most human beings are miserable and want other humans to be at least as miserable as they are because they are conditioned to think that they have no choice but to settle for giving away most of their free time in order be wage slaves (even thought robots can and arguably should take over those jobs so that humans can be free to live on a universal basic income like what I describe in Karbytes 2022 journal entry # 331 and, to a lesser extent, in what I describe in Karbytes 2022 journal entry # 366) and seeing someone get a “get out of jail free card” (like me) makes such people jealous and angry enough to want to sabotage my attempts to have a satisfying experience (especially one which defies the misery-mongering norms of the societal status quo).

I found some Reddit thread which loosely relates to what I just said. (See the screenshot image below).

Reddit_thread_link: https://www.reddit.com/r/Adulting/comments/lb2be5/does_anyone_feel_like_theres_not_enough_time_in/

image_link: https://github.com/karlinarayberinger/KARBYTES_JOURNAL_2022_PART_16C/blob/main/reddit_adulting_scarcity_of_time_21_november_2022.png

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