28_AUGUST_2022: As soon as I have a way to pay for such a procedure, I tentatively plan on getting a hysterectomy done such that I no longer have a uterus. (For the time being, I am using a non hormonal copper interuterine device as birth control).

Actually, after reading about some of the detrimental side effects and risks of getting a hysterectomy, I decided that I would only try to get a hysterectomy for life threatening reasons such as having to remove my uterus because it has cancer; not as an alternative to using my current mode of birth control.

To be clear, I do not condone that any human be forced against its will to give birth to a child even if that means that the rate at which humans dies becomes much higher than the rate at which humans are born such that the human species goes extinct. As blasphemous as this may sound, I would rather allow the human species to go extinct than force any human being to procure offspring against that human being’s will.

Additional commentary (and it’s a bit hyperbolic)…

What I think is going on is that female-bodied humans are covertly (or not so covertly) bullied into giving birth to at least one child. (I have known my entire life that I never wanted to have children, but until I have my uterus removed, other humans seem obsessed with milking at least one baby out of that uterus whether I want that or not).

I noticed that many people seem to be implicitly suggesting that a female-bodied human is a criminal unless that person is “in custody” of some man who treats her like his piece of property because, without a patriarch’s authority, protection, and provisions, that female-bodied human is “in danger” of being raped and, as a consequence, possibly even giving birth to “the wrong child” (and, once that happens, the rape victim is treated like “damaged goods” forever after because her virginity has been “stolen” from her designated keeper).

The women seem to dress and move in ways which suggest that they are in no hurry to leave the compound and that they have nothing but family matters to keep them preoccupied. The women have also been sexually selected for traits which make them easy to physically dominate and which make them appear to be in chronic estrus (i.e. appearing to be in permanent heat or permanently pregnant (e.g. sporting permanently engorged mammary glands) with little time off between pregnancies while that ape is in its fertile years (and adult female humans resemble small, fragile, whiny children because the sexual selection process favored neonatalism in women more so than in men because such sexual dimorphism helped to reinforce sharply contrasting gender roles which ultimately proved to be useful in maximizing the population size of human tribes by making sure that almost all the women had at least ten offspring a piece)).

I am generally not a fan of the way women behave because women seem resigned to be covert rape victims, prostitutes, and underachievers so as to not make their male counterparts insecure and women seem to normalize being bullied into submission by territorial men (primarily to earn his provisions and to avoid being tortured and maimed as a consequence of having no alpha male to patrol, control, and “protect” her) as the essence of femininity. Hence, I sometimes am called a misogynist when it is really more accurate to call me a misanthropist.

I think humans are likely going to continue treating humans like chattel until the species goes extinct (and I predict that extinction will occur within 300 years from now and primarily be the result of environmental degradation and wars fought over physically scarce vital resources). Of course, I nevertheless hold onto the idealistic expectation that humanity will continue to survive indefinitely and evolve to become increasingly technologically and culturally advanced.

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