One of the main things I am worried about is my personal websites getting censored off the Internet (whether overtly to me or else covertly to me). 

(Another thing I am afraid of is losing a major sensory function (especially vision) or losing cognitive or motor functions to the extent that I am effectively disabled (especially to the extent that I cannot live on my own nor outdoors as a backpacker techie nomad)).

“I don’t feel like working on my website when I think people are deliberately attempting to hack my website, make changes to my website, or render my website undiscoverable on the Internet,” I said to myself while trying to save updated component web pages of my personal website to the WayBack Machine and was encountering a server error each time (which made me want to assume that I was the only user of the WayBack Machine encountering that politically motivated and perhaps revenge driven “denial of service attack”).

Anyway, my “big picture envisionment” for what I want to do with my (current) human lifespan is constructing a very succinct, articulate, and deeply philosophical website which I can finalize as quickly as possible and then use as the basis for practicing my own personal “religion” for as long as possible (and with emphasis on developing a very stable and empirically supported understanding of how what I have constructed is immortalized in a verbatim retrievable format at the level of pure consciousness and omniscience (using a panpsychic worldview)).

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