A copy of the website named Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com has been made today and is available at the following link:

Website Copy: https://karbytesforlifeblog.wordpress.com/primary_website_copy_15_november_2022/

(Note that links which are displayed on copied web pages other than the home page which link to web pages within the same website lead to their respective web pages on the original website and not to the copied web pages on this website (i.e. the website named Karbytes For Life Blog dot WordPress dot Com.

(Note that the ultimate starter pack GitHub repository is in its final state and contains all the software engineering tutorial code files, media files, and screenshot images which the 15_NOVEMBER_2022 primary website backup repository has (and both of those GitHub repositories are in their final draft form and their total respective components can be downloaded as a GitHub repository release compressed file from the links below).

GitHub Release File: https://github.com/karlinarayberinger/PRIMARY_WEBSITE_COPY_15_NOVEMBER_2022/releases/tag/PRIMARY_WEBSITE_COPY_15_NOVEMBER_2022

Internet Archive Mirror File: https://archive.org/details/primary-website-copy-15-november-2022-primary-website-copy-15-november-2022

GitHub Release File: https://github.com/karlinarayberinger/karlina_object_ultimate_starter_pack/releases/tag/karlina_object_ultimate_starter_pack_final

Internet Archive Mirror File: https://archive.org/details/karlina_object_ultimate_starter_pack-karlina_object_ultimate_starter_pack_final

As of today, the primary website (i.e. Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com) is undergoing a major revision (and updated component files of the new primary website are to be uploaded to a new GitHub repository named karlina_object_2022_starter_pack).

New GitHub Repository: https://github.com/karlinarayberinger/karlina_object_2022_starter_pack

New GitHub Repository Description: This repository contains all the web page files, software engineering tutorial code files, media files, and screenshot images which comprises the website namedKarlina Object dot WordPress dot Com on 31_DECEMBER_2022.

(Lastly, I deleted social media posts from my Twitter, Minds, Instagram, and Facebook profiles which I thought were insufficiently professional in terms of subject matter or else obsolete).

This web page was last updated on 15_NOVEMBER_2022. The content displayed on this web page is licensed as PUBLIC_DOMAIN intellectual property.