karbytes(time_0): “When all else falls away, philosophy is what remains.”

karbytes(time_1): “I thought that science is what would remain since it is more low-level (and hence close to reality) than is philosophy”.

karbytes(time_2): “Science is a branch of philosophy (but not the other way around). Therefore, philosophy is the root folder which leads to science (which leads to engineering (which leads to the miraculous reality-manipulating technologies which exist today and which make this propagation of thought possible for my future selves to recall verbatim)).”

karbytes(time_3): “Mathematics is also a branch of philosophy which I conceptualize as being located at the same ‘folder directory’ as is ‘science’ (such that ‘philosophy’ is the ‘root directory folder’ located one level above where the ‘science’ and ‘mathematics’ folders are located). I conceptualize mathematics as being a language for describing physical and abstract objects in relatively abstract terms while the data which is derived through the algorithmic feedback loop process of scientific inquiry is relatively physical (in the form of measurements which can be assigned quantities (and quantities can be related to each other using mathematics (and computers can precisely model the physical world using mathematical terms))).”


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