After I updated my Twitter and Minds feeds with science news articles and backed up screenshots of those social media updates to the previous journal entry while sitting near and then inside of the “Power Tower” (i.e. “end of the line” Dublin BART station parking garage 6th floor electrical outlet), I walked about half a mile to the south side of the 580 freeway to use the pull-up bars near the corporate buildings to do some pull-ups and I also did some push-ups. My muscles feel pleasantly sore from using them more (and I noticed a significant increase in muscle strength seemingly as a result of getting back on the testosterone injections). As I hung upside down on the “monkey bars”, I looked up at the 80% full moon enshrouded in a thin icy layer of cirrus clouds which was thin enough for me to see the light of some bright stars piercing through the atmospheric veil. Earlier today it was lightly raining (and I think it might rain again tonight, tomorrow, and throughout the next week).

I took the BART train back to Castro Valley (and noticed a lot of freshly released Santa Rita prisoners wearing their characteristic orange shirts and orange foam sandals). In a way I feel that a part of me still is (and perhaps always will be) a prisoner of Santa Rita County Prison (because I have been incarcerated there multiple times within the past five years for various misdemeanors and at least one felony and because I have been in constant multi-way “telepathic” communication with anonymous law enforcement personnel since 13_FEBRUARY_2019). That place feels like an adult high school for wayward and disadvantaged people (and I feel an affinity with the prison population and want to always be an advocate for every prisoner’s welfare irregardless of whatever crimes they have committed and irregardless of however “fucked up in the head” they might be). I have read that inmates in the United States of America have been exploited as indentured servants performing dangerous and grueling labor for little or no money. I also have read that the United States of America by far has the largest prison population. (That’s probably because enslaving inmates for cheap labor and for covert government experiments on human specimens is a big business). Before I move onto the main subject of this journal entry, I would like to state that my opinion on how prisoners should be treated is to be given as short of prison sentences as possible and incarcerated for the purpose of rehabilitating those prisoners to become functional members of society as quickly as possible (and never to inflict retributive suffering on those people even though many people would argue that inflicting retributive suffering on a criminal is an effective means to deter that person from repeating the same crimes in the future).

Now that I am back in Castro Valley, I would like to mention that I have some rules which only seem to pertain to me concerning my personal property rights:

1. Unless karbytes keeps its personal belongings on its person or else inside of some public storage unit for only karbytes personal use or else in some other kind of rental space which karbytes does not share with anyone else, those personal belongings are not secure. Even if karbytes leaves its personal belongings in its “bedroom” at its current legal residence (which is shared by other adults), karbytes is solely liable if those belongings are tampered with or stolen in karbytes’ absence. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that karbytes only keep 100% of its personal belongings on its person or else stowed away in a public storage unit, hotel room, or housing unit which only karbytes is renting out and not sharing with other persons.

(At the risk of having my personal belongings stolen or tampered with, I plan on leaving my backpack in my “bedroom” at my dad’s house while I walk to my mom’s house to fetch my steel-toed work shoes and big orange poncho from the Toyota Matrix which is parked in my mom’s driveway. I will also try to take one of the keys which opens and which starts the engine of that car in case I end up in a situation where using that car would be more beneficial to me than detrimental such as having to drive to work because the place I end up working at is not feasible to commute to by walking and riding the BART train).

2. To avoid back strain, carry as little stuff as necessary.

Lastly, as somewhat of an aside, I want to remind myself to keep thinking of SED (i.e. Spencer Eugene Dyer) because he was the best friend I ever had and perhaps my single most significant social influence because that guy helped accelerate my interest in futurism, technology, and being a hardcore skeptic. Though I have always had an innate interest in natural science, SED nurtured my nerdy side during my young adult years (and I am immensely grateful for his mentorship, companionship, and uniqueness of personhood). I miss SED, but I am happy to be single and solitary while I am not clocked into work or “doing time” in a place where I am “forced to” socialize. As far as I can tell, SED has been employed with Tesla as a software engineer for several years and is in a committed monogamous relationship with someone named Eliza Kane. (The last time I spoke to SED was in 2020 while he was living in a house within a quarter mile of my mom’s house in San Leandro while on his doorstep and talking through the closed door and looking through the tiny glass window on that door. EK told me to stay away from their house and, for at least one year, that house appears to be vacant. I think that EK and SED are living in Lafayette (based on some Internet searches I did). My phone number seems to be blocked from contacting SED and when I used other phones (including the public phones at San Francisco International Airport to call SED’s phone, SED never answered the call). Also, as soon as I tried to friend EK on LinkedIn, SED unfriended me from LinkedIn. I was hoping that I could be friends with SED again and maybe even be friends with EK as well, but it seems that EK has SED under a “mind control spell” such that SED can only say and do as she dictates. I think EK would rather erase me from SED’s mind and make it seem as though I do not exist nor ever existed).

(I would like to mention that I recently had some very satisfying and tantalizing dreams about guys I thought were intriguing and attractive and which also included SED. In those dreams we were able to cuddle and converse face-to-face for the first time in years. Even if I only get to visit a dream version of SED in whatever simulation I dream up, that is still enough to keep me feeling warm and cozy on the inside during particularly cold, grueling, and adversarial times. I do not really feel lonely because I genuinely thrive in solitude, but being able to indulge my fantasies of being able to have pleasant interactions with characters in my dreams satisfies me more than “real life” relationships tend to (and my “real life” interpersonal relationships are definitely vital to my goal acquisition endeavors because I need other people’s assistance to accomplish what physics and human social rules seem to be preventing me from being able to accomplish entirely on my own terms and entirely by my own efforts)).

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