I have an idea for how to create a more egalitarian, sustainable, and welfare-promoting financial system than what currently exists. Basically, my idea amounts to instantiating a new kind of currency which is 100% digital and which expires 28 days after being “minted”. Such a currency (let’s call it “tokens” for now) could either exist in parallel to fiat and cryptocurrencies which currently exist and which will exist in the future but such “tokens” are not meant to be used to purchase those other forms of currency due to the fact that “tokens” expire while the other currencies do not. Every 28 days each human being who is at least sixteen years old will be issued the same number of tokens (e.g. 5,000) into its personal tokens account. After 28 days elapses, each of those accounts will be reset to the universal basic income amount (e.g. 5,000). Any tokens which were not spent will simply disappear once they expire and all economic exchanges using tokens will be permanently recorded for historical accuracy and research purposes (such that the government has access to each person’s token spending history and each person has access to its own token spending history (and sharing that personal information is not illegal and useful if one wants to show other people how they spend their tokens)). That universal basic income using solely tokens is meant to provide more than enough money for each account owner to pay for basic necessities while most of society’s labor is outsourced to robots. If humans are employed for any jobs at all, those humans are either doing it freely as volunteers or else those humans are being given special vouchers which cannot be converted to tokens. Vouchers can be used to purchase special “luxury” goods and services which tokens cannot purchase (as an incentive to compel humans to do more than be waited on by machines and to keep humans from becoming too lazy, uneducated, self absorbed, depressed, and unhealthy to handle disruptions to the automated workforce. As long as humans exist, there will always be a demand for humans to act as quality assurance inspectors (and it helps to have a science and engineering background to understand how the machines they rely on work).

* * *

As a personal aside, I decided to stop “e-begging” for people to review and comment on my websites (mainly to help me verify that my websites are not being censored off the Internet) and to donate money to me using the PayPal link on my personal websites. It could be that my websites are simply not popular enough to garner much traffic (i.e. that my websites are not being censored off the Internet but they are just not attracting much readership). I am worried that my websites are being blacklisted, however, which is why I am making this little “footnote”. If I am worried about this issue in the future after I have a sufficiently high income, I will likely pay for some professional website consultant to review my website and to give me the impartial feedback I desire. (I do not have much in the way of friends at this time in my life. I noticed that only my mother made a $3 donation to my website and no comments on the content. I am suspicious that the government is skewing my perception of reality by censoring some of the content I publish online so that it appears to be public from my end, but to most others, it appears to be blacklisted (and my mom may or may not know this is the case and she and perhaps only a few family members are “supposed to” be able to access my websites such that they see what I see)).

Rather than try to continue living off of my parents’ social security and retirement money, I am trying to get a full-time job which fits my lifestyle and political preferences. Whether I am employed or not, I will continue to research and write about universal basic income, automation of the workforce, artificial intelligence, environmental sustainability, transhumanism, and other futuristic topics which pique my interest. I am not satisfied with simply going to work and then spending whatever free time and money I have simply surviving, being comfortable, and throwing parties. I want to always be working on some kind of ambitious intellectual endeavor outside of work which encompasses more than just taking care of myself and whoever I consider to be my family and friends. I will always make physical fitness and lifelong self-paced learning an essential part of my preferred lifestyle (and I intend to spend lots of time in the future studying physics (especially physics pertaining to electromagnetism, special relativity, cosmology, and chemical interactions). When I have the money to buy more “toys” for myself, I will probably get into soldering simple electronics, advanced computer programming (and not just the “beginner” level stuff I have been doing recently), luxury hotel room rentals, luxury car rentals, vacations to foreign places, online classes, and going on rather expensive supervised retreats to use 5-MeO-DMT and other psychedelics which are more “hard core” than psilocybin.

Aside: I have recently started to “burn out” when it comes to hanging out in a tent regularly. Tents tend to leak water when it rains and the walls are flimsy in the face of strong winds. Simply stated, camping in a tent is not very fun for me. I would rather hang out in various “caves” which have sturdy walls and which are out of the way of wind and rain. There are several places like that close to my house (including my house), but I try to switch it up so that I do not become too dependent on any one hangout spot. That prevents me from getting bored, depressed, and caught in a mental rut. As a writer, I need sufficient variety in my environment for my creative output to remain fresh, inspired, and informative rather than redundant, dull, and lacking concrete details.

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