01_SEPTEMBER_2022: 24_AUGUST_2022: I decided to remove that angry-sounding post which I pinned to the top of my Twitter and Minds feeds because, in retrospect, it sounds like me telling my audience that they suck unless they follow all the tenets of my personal religion. (It could be that I feel pressured to get along with what I think will be my coworkers soon. Today I attended a new hire appointment for a warehouse job with Amazon. I did the drug test today and, if my background test and drug test are approved, I will be given a start date to start working at the OAK5 facility in Newark).

As usual, I passed through the glass door at the Dublin BART station and thought I would be able to exit the Warm Springs BART platform through the glass door at that station. Today I was walking behind a large group of Tesla warehouse employees. There were two police officers guarding the gates. When they caught me going through the glass door without paying, I was given a carbon copy of the BART fare evasion citation slip they wrote. Based on prior experience getting written up for BART fare evasion, I expect to have to pay approximately $400 to take that citation off my record.

Anyway, now that I am in the process of getting a job I believe I will actually enjoy and feel is a good enough source of income to cover all of my living expenses (luxuries included), I feel orders of magnitude happier than I did yesterday. Not only are my stress levels lower, my mental map of reality is more flow-y and less stagnant. I think that has to do with being able to move forward in becoming financially self sufficient.

(The past few times I tried re-applying to Amazon I was stopped short of taking the drug test because my crime ridden background test was still on file. It was nice to be able to proceed with the hiring process and to not be cut short).

Some of the journal entries which I have included in the KARBYTES_JOURNAL_2022 section of this website seem inauthentic and shrill to me. I hope and expect that any future journal entries which I add to that collection will be closer to what I consider to be good documentation. I would consider directories 0 to 4 to be “warm up” journals.

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