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23_AUGUST_2022: Not enough people give a fuck about the environment for most people to give a fuck about the environment. Otherwise, most people would be vegans, drive electric instead of petroleum fueled cars, and have solar panels installed on their rooftops.

I thought about publishing the previous sentence as a tweet but decided against it because I figured that it would “trigger” people into having an ego backlash and consequently cause such people to vilify me and/or disenfranchise me. I noticed that people usually pretend not to hear me and are usually quick to change the subject to something more ad hominem against me whenever I talk about environmental issues. If I am right about what I just said, then it would make logical sense for me to avoid talking about environmental issues unless I do so in a way which does not “trigger” people’s egos by insinuating that they are not doing enough to support the environment. If I talk about the environment on my social media feeds, then I will probably only do so if I am sharing some article or piece of media which shows some non alarmist science based facts pertaining to some technology or practice which seems to mitigate ecological damage to a sufficiently high degree (and via modalities which are scalable such that most people could implement such modalities without having to be exceptionally wealthy).

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After a modicum of reflection, I decided to publish that sentence as a tweet because it is a succinct way to encapsulate my main political agenda into a “bumper sticker” sized message. I do not think that sharing such a tweet will make people like me more. In fact, I think it will make people dislike me more. Oh well. I might as well just continue practicing being as detached as I can be from what other people think of me. If other people do not like me, they probably are not very interested in hearing positive things about me because they are more invested in their negative portrayal of me than they are in a their positive portrayal of me.

As far as I can tell, most people do not seem to mind whether or not humanity survives beyond the next 300 years. All such people seem to generally seem to be interested in is how they themselves are doing and how those who are alive at the same time as them are doing; not people who are not even zygotes yet (or, more to the point, not even gametes yet because the zygotes which would have sprouted the gonads which would have produced those gametes do not even exist yet)! I believe such things because I see so little action being taken by people in general to make sustainability and environmental detoxification serious priorities. What I see most people doing is trying to keep everyone pacified and distracted from such matters so that they can just continue to “blindly” and “guiltlessly” wreck havoc on the environment. Also, people seem to be socially ostracized and terrorized if they do not stay confined to using a car (and most cars are gasoline powered) and willing to procure biological offspring. People who do not have offspring are treated like thieves who have “too much free time” and “too much money”. Having a spouse and children protects people from being held hostage and tortured by the military industrial complex.

I noticed that, when people do not like what I am saying or thinking, they try to deprive me of space to finish my own thoughts so that I am worn out and “forced to” retire to bed early. I think that, if it were up to most people, I would be left in a punitive coma for the rest of my life because few people seem to have a desire to see me alive, well, and autonomous.

Of course, I might be erring on the side of being too pessimistic about the human condition. I am open to being shown evidence which contradicts my current assumptions about human nature and reality in general. I will continue to spend as much time as I can afford to find high quality informational resources on the Internet which support a rationally optimistic worldview (or, in the worst case scenario, an unflinchingly realistic worldview).

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