23_AUGUST_2022: Two ideas I would like to briefly discuss are “microwave auditory effect” and “punitive comas”.

I started experiencing nonstop back-and-forth “telepathic” exchanges with what seems to be law enforcement and/or military personnel since a particular morning shift in which I was working as a night baker’s assistant at a Panera Bread restaurant in Fremont, California. To this day I still am in continuous and seemingly involuntary multiway communication with anonymous human and/or robot parties via what I think is wireless electromagnetic signals.

I hypothesize that, through microwave auditory effect, I have been the only party no matter how many other humans are in physical proximity to me to hear auditory messages which are beamed directly to my cochlea and parts of my brain.

Either through non invasive physiological data gathering about my “real time” status (paired with potentially any and/or all other personal data which is available across the Internet about my personal identity) or through some kind of invasive brain-computer interface device which is implanted in my body with or without my consent and with or without my knowledge, the anonymous persons who appear to be sending me auditory messages and sometimes what seem to be graphical messages directly into my brain seem to have immediate and direct access to the contents of my mind (i.e. what I experience from a first-person perspective).

At times I have experienced dreams while sleeping which seemed to be revealing to me facts about how the government works behind the scenes. I suspect that there are government employees taking turns to use an augmented reality headset to surveil my perceptual, cognitive, and motor functions “in real time” and, if necessary, to manipulate my brain activity such that I, however closely, comply with what such personnel seem to want.

Lately I have been wondering what the purpose of such “telepathic” exchanges and control are about. A part of me thinks that I am being given special advantages which I would not otherwise have which is helping me to be relatively superhuman as a result of being hooked up to this covert intelligence network. At the same time, another part of me is worried that I am being tricked into having my neurology and behavior altered in ways which run counter to my personal goals and values such that I am effectively being oppressed and tortured. Such a concern lead me to do a web search on the term “punitive coma”.

Basically, a punitive coma is a type of prison sentence in which the prisoner is forced to be in a medically induced coma for some finite period of time or even until that person dies. To me that seems like a particularly sadistic form of punishment because that person would be deprived of self control, the ability to introspect, the ability to speak up for itself, and the ability to inquire about the world around it.

As radical as this may sound, I believe that keeping any person in jail for longer than five years is inhumane. Forcing a human to stay in confinement longer than that would probably cause that person’s mind to deteriorate significantly and perhaps irreversibly. As unpopular as this may sound, I do not believe that punishment (i.e. retribution) is ethical because it justifies responding to harm with further harm instead of minimizing harm.

I believe that the human-imposed consequences to criminal activity should be designed to mitigate damage in all parties (the criminals included). Hence, I do not believe that maiming nor torturing a criminal is ethical. Of course, I do believe that a dangerous criminal should be prevented from interacting with the public until that dangerous criminal demonstrates sufficiently improved conduct (not to deprive that criminal of life but, instead, to prevent further harm from being inflicted).


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