I feel relatively good today; energetic, ambitious, and ready to have fun. Right now I am sitting in a relatively quiet area off to the side of the road in Castro Valley to type up this note. The purpose of this note is to make a vow to myself to never again mention the following persons in my blog:

1. Alan Jason Ponte (AJP)

2. Spencer Eugene Dyer (SED)

3. Friends, Family, and Coworkers

(Even if the people I mentioned above do things to interfere with my life in a way I cannot easily ignore, I will do my best to not draw any more attention to those people in my blogs because doing so makes it hard for me to emotionally distance myself from such people and doing so “pollutes” my blog with sensationalist, “low brow”, trashy, and distracting filibuster content. The more I fill my blog with “pollution”, the more “anti-pollution” pages I have to add to my blog to “cancel” out the deficit in blog content quality. Also, the more I fill my blog with “pollution”, the more I reinforce the habit of being easily “triggered” by such “pollution” to reflexively and slavishly host more of that junk on my website as though my website is a host organism and that junk content is an insidious parasite (e.g. virus) which is exploiting my resources to stay close to being the top of the stack in terms of chronology (and what I mean by that is that such viral pollutants demand to float to the top of the archives to seem like “current events” rather than “relatively ancient and/or obsolete records”)). In other words, the virus is attempting to hijack my nervous system into allowing that virus to replicate itself using my energy to do so.

I will also do my best to refrain from making misanthropic, racist, sexist, or otherwise bigoted, ad homimen, or slanderous comments about any person (myself included). I do not want my blog to be about badmouthing people. Instead, I want it to be about making progress towards my personal goals and gathering inspiring and useful news. (I am also trying to slow down the rate at which I add new pages to this website so that the website does not become too cumbersome to back up and review. For now on, I will do my best to commit to the standards which I described in this journal entry and make each new web page in this blog as succinct, non-redundant, and high quality as possible).

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