I really like the cartoon which is depicted in the screenshot below. The cartoon is by the Instagram user named @davecontra (and his work tends to focus on existential matters and “dark humor” which I find appealing). What I like about this cartoon in particular is how it calls attention to one of the most interesting ideas I have ever known: the idea that time is an illusion and that all things happen inside of one all-encompassing mind (which makes it possible for there to be multiple frames of reference which each experience their own passage of time such that one frame of reference, A, in the same universe as some other frame of reference, B, experiences time passing faster or slower as a consequence of special relativity (and, the faster A travels with respect to B, the slower A’s clock ticks with respect to B (and light traveling through a vacuum supposedly does not experience any time passing)). I am very fascinated by electromagnetism, light, time, and the idea that everything takes place inside of some all-encompassing computer simulation which I assume can be explained in terms of ones and zeros at a very low level.

(As an aside, I see that I have some training videos to watch which were recently added to my Smart & Final employee training profile web page related to using pallet jacks and such (and the due date for completing those tutorials is 31_OCTOBER_2022). I plan to get those tutorials done today. I am relieved to see that I still appear to have legitimately been offered a job (and I think it will be one of the best jobs I ever had because (a) it is in a convenient location for me, (b) it is only part time which means that I will have plenty of time to work on my “end of the year” projects, and (c) it seems like a job that is not as stressful for me as working in a restaurant or assembly line is. I might end up doing cashiering, but I applied for “load crew” with the hopes that I will not have to do cashiering and, instead, do what I think is more fun: inventory management and transporting products from the delivery truck station to the store shelves)).

(One last aside: I saw that AJP called my phone one time this morning at approximately 7:30AM. I did not answer. I have come to strongly suspect that AJP does not want me to have a life outside the home and wants to reduce me to a helpless and pathetic little girl for his sadistic amusement. I also suspect that he hacks my electronics remotely in order to send the implicit message that he will not allow me to simply move on with my life and ignore his existence (and assume that he will either kill himself or continue to live in a rather parasitic and misery mongering manner such that people may learn to avoid him or else people will fall prey to his abusive antics (and he seems to be treated like a sultan who can do no wrong by the government and civilians in general because of his prestigious career as a senior software engineer and University of California Berkeley educational background and traditionalist politically conservative persona which means that he can get away with being as abusive as he wants to be (and I imagine most women treat him like a royal infant; the one true king))). In fact, I think he may be one of the anonymous voices which regularly bullies me via psychotronic harassment. In short, I think it is best for me to regard AJP as a power hungry, malevolent cop who is more interested in making me suffer than he is on making himself feel good in a way which does not involve hurting others. As far as I can tell, cops seem to rule the human world (at least in the county and country I live (and I assume that they treat AJP like a hero and me like a villain so that I do not end up feeling indebted to and subservient to the cops (though, to break the fourth wall, I do think that the cops think I am basically a good person and that they are mostly not against what I do and do not treat me as a villain. It seems that AJP wants me to feel ostracized, hated on, left out, deprived of human kindness, lied to, exploited, scammed, and tortured))). I consider myself to be an anarchist; someone who thinks government is mostly a big bureaucratic charade which attempts to suppress people’s intelligence in order to make the people easier to control and render subservient to the tyrants’ ends. I am an anarchist much more than I am a democrat (which means that I take matters into my own hands rather than rely on large groups to accomplish things I care about which I think can be “scaled up” to transform society at large). I care about my personal endeavors getting done to the best of my ability and in a timely manner. Hence, I avoid relying on anyone but myself to get such things done. I do not trust the government to do anything but try to sabotage my endeavors because what I aspire to do is about maximizing my personal freedom and intelligence rather than relinquishing it and becoming codependently enmeshed in some social institution which corners me into being little more than a slave to that institution. That is why I intend to remain single and never married and childless for the rest of my life).

image_link: https://github.com/karlinarayberinger/KARBYTES_JOURNAL_2022_PART_16B/blob/main/davecontra_time_and_dreams_cartoon_24_october_2022.png

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