Last night (i.e. between 1AM and 5AM earlier today) I shared a link to the 16B chapter of the Karbytes Journal 2022 section of this website on Twitter, Minds, and Facebook and I created a 23_OCTOBER_2022 backup of Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com. Today I thought about how to update Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com (and I decided that I would start by editing PUBLIC_DOMAIN to be more streamlined and less cluttered and, probably after that, modify the home page and start cleaning up (and likely redoing) the easy programming pages of that website within the next 48 hours). This afternoon I took a photograph with my Android phone of two ladybugs on “The Bunny Bush” while picnicking near Dublin BART station. Then I shared that photograph on Instagram, Twitter, Minds, and Facebook (and I also shared the picture of the skull light Halloween decoration which I took last night after ingesting a single penis envy mushroom and then going off into the nearby forest to confront some disturbing thoughts I had about humans being the biggest predators on Planet Earth and how I felt that the locals were territorial control freaks whose lifestyles depend on having cars and houses and crowding out those who are not part of their implicit gated communities (and I might have been imagining that conditions outside my head were worse than they are)). I deleted the link I shared to the 16B chapter of the Karbytes Journal 2022 section of this website because I did not feel comfortable making my “controversial” content that easily accessible. I would rather have relatively “non threatening” content displayed on my social media profiles and allow the curious web explorers to peruse the labyrinth of web pages I made which can be explored by anyone with access to the public World Wide Web simply by clicking on the links in my social media profiles to my primary website (i.e. Karlina Object dot WordPress dot Com) and then scrolling towards the bottom of that home page to access all the content on this website (i.e. Karbytes For Life Blog dot WordPress dot Com). I do not believe it is possible to make what I publish online private nor do I want to make it private. I prefer that all my published web pages be entirely public (but I do not make what I consider to be “inflammatory” content too easy to find (but it can still be found quite easily if one just explores my websites since my websites have no hidden components and all web pages are organized inside of what I think is a logically organized structure. If one has enough time and patience to explore my labyrinth of website pages, one can find anything I have published and have not deleted from those websites (and if people want to see deleted content, they may be able to find it by using the WayBack Machine at Archive dot Org to browse past saves of my websites pages))). My websites probably will not appeal to people who are not what I consider to be open minded, curious, and intelligent. Hence, my websites will probably only appeal to a very small percentage of the human population. My websites tend to be dry, tedious, and counter cultural. I wrote my content imagining that my target audience is aliens from another planet. Hence, I tend to avoid assuming that my audience knows or cares about what is culturally trending and what is politically correct according to what seem to be my human peers (i.e. humans living in English speaking and technologically advanced countries on Planet Earth this year (especially in the United States of America)). I am worried that I am not doing a good enough  job promoting the cultural and political causes I care about because I have written most of this website while feeling persecuted and deprived of respect from my fellow humans. After I publish this journal entry, I hope to endorse a more pro-social, optimistic, and feel-good message overall (and to avoid sounding like a victim, idiot, or mentally retarded person).

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